4th menu: Phil, Matthieu and Smriti


One thing many new international students miss after arriving at UNISG living in Italy for a few months is a lack of spices used in cuisines of for example south-east Asia and China and which are now eaten around the world. With that in mind, Phillipe Kaempf, Matthieu Lecuit, Smriti Banhu Rao from the Masters FCC have created a delicious meal with Swiss-student. The Spice menu will be served up at Tavole Accademiche on Tuesday, June 4!

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2nd menu: Philipp, Gianmaria & Davide

Green Menu

Three students coming to the end of their Triennale studies at UNISG are returning to the 10 Student programme at Tavole Accademiche with a ‘Green’ themed menu for lunchers and gastronomes. UNISG_Table’s Bruce McMichael caught up with Phillipp Oggiano, Davide Esposito and Gianmaria Fasce to learn more about what we can expect from their lunch prepared as part of the 10 Student menus at Tavole Accademiche!

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1st menu: Eli&Lisa

Reinventing German Cuisine

Think you know German food? Well think again! Third year Bachelor students Elisabeth Wittich (Lisa) and Sofia Elisabeth Berlinghof (Eli) are the 1st group of UNISG taking control of the kitchens at Tavole Accademiche this year and have created a fabulous menu designed around food from their home country, Germany and in particular from the least known cuisine of the North.

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