4th menu: Phil, Matthieu and Smriti



One thing many new international students miss after arriving at UNISG, living in Italy for a few months, is a lack of spices used in cuisines of, for example, south-east Asia and China and which are now eaten around the world. With that in mind, Phillipe Kaempf, Matthieu Lecuit, Smriti Banhu Rao from the Masters FCC have created a delicious meal with Swiss-student. The Spice menu will be served up at Tavole Accademiche on Tuesday, June 4!

Philippe saying, “Cooking makes me happy. It stimulates my creativity and I forget about time”.


Book your meal at Tavole Accademiche for Tuesday, June 4th!

What nationalities are the team’s? What courses are you doing at UNISG?
We’re all Masters students on the Food Culture & Communications course. It’s a very international group of 29 people from 14 different countries. Phil is from Switzerland, Matthieu is French, and Smriti calls India home.

Why did you decide to take part in the 10 students Menu project at Tavole Accademiche?
Phil graduated from the Triennale last year has been very interested in this project for a while but never actually tried to take part of it. So this year he decided this would be his year and told us about the amazing project, says Matthieu. Smriti was very excited to be part of the team and keen to offer ideas for an Indian-inspired dessert. “In the past years, during the undergraduate program, I always wanted to cook at Tavole but I was by my own and I didn’t really feel like cooking alone,” says Phil. “But this time I wanted to seize the opportunity. So I proposed it to my classmates, and here we are!”

How did you come up with the idea of your menu? What’s the story behind it?
We all have an interest for spices either thanks to our home countries and working backgrounds, or we just love experimenting with exciting, different flavours. Phil says he chose to make a dish he is familiar with, a spin on a more “classic taste” (not too experimental, not too many spices).
“My aim was to use foods across the menu that are in season, so this is another thing that we had to keep in mind when planning our menu’.

Can you tell us a little about what you’ll be cooking and the ingredients that will be used for the menu?
Phil is responsible for creating a tomato-chickpea soup, which he says can be served vegan or vegetarian (with heavy cream, to be confirmed), and a spinach-ricotta cake with smoked paprika. ”I made this pie at my first eat-in at UNISG back in 2015 when I first arrived at UNISG,” he says. Matthieu’s course will be Gratin Dauphinois because “I wanted to be reminded of food from France and share that culture with my fellow students at Tavole, all the more since I know there are not so many French in here; plus I wish to combine it with my passion for spices,” he said. To finish off the meal, Smriti has created a cooling, delicious, spice-infused Masala Chai Ice-cream.

What do you enjoy cooking at home?
Everything! But my favourite things are baking (salty and sweet experiments) and preparing seafood dishes (better if I can cook a whole fish), says Phil

Do you have any particular food memories that inspire you?
Matthieu says, “I don’t have a particular one but have been inspired by scenes from movies (one for all: Ratatouille) and TV shows (Top Chef and Chef’s Table on Netflix) and of course cooking with my family as a young boy”.

What kind of work would you like to do once you graduate from UNISG?
Smriti has a great background working as a pastry chef and would like perhaps to work in the chocolate sector; Matthieu hopes to work in an agritourism, while Phil would like to work as a private chef and as sustainable food business consultant.

Spice menu will be served on Tuesday, June 4th at Tavole Accademiche.