6th menu: Amber & Safiye



Plant forward food is on the menu for the 10 Students project planned for Tuesday, June 18 at Tavole Accademiche and created by a very international pair of friends from the Triennale, Safiye Karuna Akdag and Amber Bewick. Don’t forget to book :)


Left: Amber - Right: Safyie

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What nationalities are the team’s? What courses are you doing at UNISG?
Safiye is a half-Swiss and half-Turkish student attending the second year undergraduate. With American and English heritage, Amber is just weeks away from finishing her undergraduate Triennale course here at UNISG.

Why did you decide to take part in the 10 students Menu project at Tavole Accademiche?
It’s an amazing and exciting opportunity to get involved in a different part of the UNISG community and get a better understanding of how Martìn and his brigade of chefs work behind the scenes at Tavole Accademiche.

How did you come up with the idea of your menu? What’s the story behind it?
Our menu is going to have seasonal vegetables at its heart, showcasing all what fresh summer produce can offer us. We want to plate up a very tasty, colourful vegetarian menu that anyone can enjoy without feeling that meat is missing.

Choosing a vegetarian, plant based meal is a rapidly increasing trend throughout the Western society. This might be for ethical, environmental, health or other issues, and it is today a hot topic in many discussions, not least in UNISG classrooms.

With this menu we offer a delicious vegetable-based menu but do not want to concentrate solely on ‘political’ issues. Instead we want to focus on the taste, on the amazing sensorial properties a fresh and seasonal vegetable dish can offer, making it the “preferred” way of eating rather than it being the “right” way of eating.

The huge variety of foods from the vegetable kingdom makes them so versatile in the kitchen, allowing us to have such a big variety in taste and colour. We want to show that eating vegetarian/vegan is not boring.

We hope people will be inspired and cook the dishes themselves in late spring/early summer. So, we’ve suggested ingredients to match this time of year and season.

Can you tell us a little about the ingredients that you used for the menu?
We want to make the fresh ingredients from the garden stand out and keep them as pure as possible.

What do you enjoy cooking at home?
We love going to the local weekly markets in Bra and buy directly from the producers. Not having a concrete idea before we leave our houses allows us to be inspired by what we find on the stalls that morning.

What kind of work would you like to do once you graduate from UNISG?
We would like people around the world to appreciate more what nature has to offer and start eating a diet richer in plants, without feeling they’re missing out on taste.

Amber & Safie menu will be served on Tuesday, June 18th at Tavole Accademiche.