Student tables at Tavole Accademiche -2019

Each year ten groups of students gather around a menu, inspired by their culture, country or even a class they are attending at UNISG, and serve a signature lunch at Tavole Accademiche. They work with the catering guys at Tavole and have several meetings with head chef Martín Vera, as well as other key members of the catering brigade to create a memorable experience. This year the groups working with Tavole are drawn from all the university including Trienniale, Magistrale and, as this photo shows, from the Masters in Food Culture, Communication & Marketing courses. .


Keen cooks Philippe Kämpf (right) from Switzerland, Carlotta Panza from Liguria (centre) and Matthieu Lecuit (left) from France started at UNISG this January and can’t wait to get into their chef’s white jackets, put themselves behind the stoves and cook. Menus are being finalized right now and dates in which the various teams will be cooking will be available soon. Chef Martín tells us that some teams create a different, unique atmosphere in the dining hall with music or perhaps by displaying creative work around the canteen. The lunches are always enthusiastically looked forward to, giving students an opportunity to show off their creative skills and love for cooking and food. 
Each month we’ll chat with a group of students to understand how they developed their menus, what inspired them and what they hope the diners will experience eating their food.


10 menus for 10 students - 2018 edition

Guest chefs will not longer be the only highlights of our AT meals as some of us students will be cooking in the next few months! The participants will have the possibility to exchange food, share their experiences and show us how Unisg life influenced their stories. Without forgetting to promote local food producers and to ensure environmental sustainability, we will travel to who know what destination thanks to their narrating menus!
Don't forget to support them and share your opinions as we are sure they really want to have our feedback. So, who accepted the challenge?

June Cafiero Giovanni, Gorini Alessandra (Menu dedicated to Campania)
- June Yain Ale Sciola ("Silvestra Indie Food" menu)
- September Gianmaria Fasce, Davide Esposito e Philipp Oggiano (Menu dedicated to the fig)
November Saar Avrashi, Francesco Grandi (A winter menu, result of their different nationalities and working experiences)

February Nataliya Korneeva (Russian menu)
March Good Mood Food -Achi Raanan, Shalom Simcha Elbert, Bartolo Causarano (Italian- Israelian menu) 
- April Iakov Shteyntsayg (Russian menu) 
- May Palmer Martinelli (A menu dedicated to Philadelphia and its german influence) 
June Ruth Von Strauss (Israelian menu)