Libby Clow


- Introduce yourself..
My name is Libby Clow and I am from Portland, Oregon USA. 
- What did you study at Unisg, when and why did you decide to enrol here?
MFC Communicating Quality Products 2007-2008 I first learned about UNISG while I was an intern at Tenuta di Spannocchia in 2003. I had just finished my undergraduate degree, and my experience at Spannocchia reignited in me the passion for food and community. Since I already had an undergraduate degree, I decided to wait a few years to see how the MFC program developed before applying. In the interim, I continued to get to know people in the food industry and Slow Food world to find out if this was the right path for me. It definitely has been. 
- What did you enjoy the best here at Unisg?
I loved the variety of coursework as well as the access we were given to important professionals in the food sector. I cannot stress enough the importance of networking and how UNISG plants the seed for high caliber connections in the world of Gastronomy. 
- What did you do straight after? What are you doing now?
Immediately following graduation, I went to work at the UC Davis Olive Center short contract, where I helped organize an international olive oil conference called 'Beyond Extra Virgin'.  I still work as a consultant in the olive oil sector today with the Oregon Olive Mill. Daily, I work with a specialty foods importer and distributor just outside of Portland called Fresh & Wild and I am on the Slow Food Portland board. I also collaborate on other food events around Portland that focus on food & art and food & social justice. 
- How would you define your current job/difficulties?
My current job with Fresh & Wild is very interesting. I consult with chefs to help them learn how to incorporate new and interesting ingredients into their menus, I source products, and develop recipes to help market new products. I think the biggest challenge for me has been to establish consistent professional and financial growth with small, family-owned artisan businesses. 
- How did your food vision change during Unisg?
I don't think I ever expected to go to UNISG and find myself interested in extra virgin olive oil. That was a complete surprise to me.  
- Do you have any suggestion for current students?
* Advocate for yourself and enter any job with a strong sense of value and worth.  Your education is hard earned and absolutely valuable wherever you land --- even if it ISN'T in the food sector. The chance to learn and grow in an international setting is something unique and powerful.
*Don't stress if you don't know what you want to do when you graduate, just do something. The food world is full of opportunities. Be open in taking a job that supports you while you develop your own projects if need be.
*Stay in touch with and be kind to everyone you meet at UNISG, and don't be afraid to tell everyone what you are passionate about. Networking doesn't have to be painful, it is so helpful for your future growth.... You never know who is paying attention. 
- What is your main source of inspiration?
My source of inspiration is a tiny voice inside that wants to make a difference in a very complicated world. My source of inspiration is a long meal with friends and strangers who all end up as friends by the end. My source of inspiration is helping my niece make a roux, and walking the farmer's market from season to season to find color and vitamins and smiles at every stall. Inspiration is everywhere. 
- Your Newsletter Team