Johan Henrik Kintzell Frøstrup


Hello UNISG-family! After having an amazing time at one of the most unique universities in the world, I graduated in december with a Master in Food Culture and Communications - Human Ecology and Sustainability. My thesis was about how to make the farming of salmon more sustainable. I am curently working as a trainee for the Norwegian Seafood Council in Tromsø, Norway. The Norwegian Seafood Council works together with the Norwegian fisheries and aquaculture industry to develop markets for Norwegian seafood around the world. My daily work is very varied. Normally I work with helping Norwegian exporters and producers to conduct marketing activities abroad by increasing their competence and co-funding. I also work with the marketing of shellfish on a more high-end level towards toprestaurants in the world. I also get to travel quite a lot. Last week I brought a German food journalist from Berlin to a small island in Norway where they produce salmon. The journalist was writing a section on “meet the producer”, so we discussed everything from production, sustainability and food quality. It is great to be able to use some of the food knowledge that I conducted while being a student at UNISG, as well as always building on that and learning something new. Best luck on your studies! Hope some of you choose to work with seafood later on! The seafood world needs the bright UNISG minds that truly understands the food sector and that are passionate about good, clean and fair food. All the best, -Johan Henrik