Felix Watzka


"Times are changing ever since I graduated in September 2014, my career has been an ever changing and exciting journey. It all started very close to Bra in the fabulous town of Barolo. I made a dream come true and worked an entire vintage for a family run winery, spending my days in the vineyards, working the land and training the vines. It was the closest farming experience ever and probably the best time of my life. Working outside in nature all year and finally tasting the fermented grape juice that will become Barolo is an incredible feeling. However, after the harvest and almost two years in Piemonte, I returned to Munich, where I started importing natural wines from Austria with an established importer. I was about to think of a career in wine trading, just when another former student asked me, if I would like to start working for Germany's largest online shop, selling high quality products. I never thought of buying my food online, but I was really excited about the challenge of selling a product to a customer, that can´t smell, touch or taste the truffle, ham or cheese. So I said yes and for the past 2 years I've managed the food portfolio, searching for new products and visiting a lot of artisanal producers to understand how we could sell their produce online. However, I always missed the time living in a wine region and especially working with wine. So here we are, again, I am just about to move from Munich to a wine region in Germany called Pfalz, where I will work for a media agency that is specialized in consulting wineries on their brand, website, label and PR. So basically I will do what I like the most, to tell stories of great artisanal producers, of their land and of their wines. What´s next? Nobody knows! Cheers!"