David Sebastian Boada Mendoza


- Introduce yourself.. 
My name is David Sebastian Boada Mendoza, I come from Quito, Ecuador, and I completed my UNISG career in 2014.  Cheese is my profession nowadays. My partner Mariagiulia (who also knows much about cheese and works as an Anthropologist of Food) and I have recently created a consultancy company named KRU - NATURAL CHEESE. We are developing a platform which connects cheese producers, affineurs, and dairies, all interested in the most natural cheese, cheese made with raw milk, rennet, salt, and that's it. And not all cheese are like that... Moreover, we give support to the cheese production, maturing process and trade (cheese selection and marketing) over several regions in France, Italy, Switzerland and Ecuador. 
- How did your food vision change during Unisg?
Since I was a kid I had the opportunity to get in contact with cheese and raw milk. My father used to work for many dairies located in the highlands of the Ecuadorian Andes. 
When I was 18, I came to Europe. First to France, to build my passion for gastronomy and cooking, at a culinary institute. I discovered a great heritage and diversity of cheese. Then I moved to Italy, so attracted by the Slow Food movements. I had the chance of getting a grant and study at UNISG for almost 4 years. Apart from discovering another impressive cheese culture, the Italian, UNISG gave me a deep insight of the production processes, and at the same time a holistic approach to cheese... the big picture!  
- What did you enjoy the most here at Unisg?

I particularly enjoyed the microbiology, food technology and history lectures.  
- What did you do straight after and what are you doing now?

After completing UNISG, I gained first hand experience in the cheese sector, for example I managed the goat cheese production of an agriturismo close to Novara. Then, I got interested into the cheese mountain ecosystems and I have been working with cheesemakers in the Swiss alps in the production of Estivaz, Gruyère and Vacherin, studying Ossau-iraty cheese-makers in the French Pyrenees, Rocamadour Goat cheese production in the Quercy in central France. In Italy I have had the opportunity to work with Sicilian cheese-maker of Piacentinu Ennese . 
- What are your future projects, plans?

Mariagiulia and I are also working to set up cheese maturing caves in the Ecuadorian highlands, which is an area with a high quality milk and fresh cheese production. We wish to contribute building a deeper knowledge of cheese and mainly matured cheese, today almost exclusively imported from Europe. Moreover, we are studying the possibility of undertaking the summer production of goat and sheep cheese in the mountains surrounding the Garda Lake, in a remote malga with incredible pastures. 
- How would you define working with cheese? 

Cheese is the result of cultural and environmental inputs. I am interested in natural cheeses, that can be obtained only if all production practices, from the pasture management to the maturing process, are sustainable. Taking care of the environment is the first way to guarantee high quality of cheese and I consider fully important the work that breeders, cheese makers and affineurs make with the local microbiodiversity, sharing a same vision. 
- What is the best part and what are the difficulties?

I am interested into the microbiology of cheese and want to let the consumers know more about the value and quality of such so different cheese. Making cheese in a natural way is becoming very difficult and we want to help the producers who are engaged into that to find the right market niche and get their work appreciated. 
- What is your main source of inspiration? 



Keep your eyes open , this is the logo of David’s company! 
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