Giulia Tramis


- Introduce yourself..
My name is Giulia Tramis and I’m from Lecce (Italy). I love to travel and to explore new cultures through food. I was born in the gastronomic world: initially my parents ran a bakery that then became a restaurant, where I’m working with them today.

- What did you study at Unisg, when and why did you decide to enrol here?
I attended the undergraduate program in Gastronomic sciences, graduating in March 2016. My decision to enrol in Unisg was an impulsive one, which I took mostly at the last minute (at the end of my last year of high school). I couldn’t have chosen better: the university structure, the extra-curricular activities and obviously the academic classes were all what I was hoping for. It is an extremely up-to-date degree program that paves the way to the most disparate paths.

- What did you enjoy the best here at Unisg (in or outside school)?
I really appreciated what we studied and the academic classes scheduled throughout the years. However, what I liked the most, perhaps because unexpected, was the feeling of belonging to a family and to always have someone I could count on (in and out the University).

- What did you do straight after? What are you doing now?
Since the moment I left home I thought I would never come back to my house in Salento. Over the years I instead realized that Salento needed a person like me and I needed Salento too. So, straight after my degree, I came back here to work in the family restaurant and this is what I’m still doing now.

- What are your future projects/plans?
My plans are certainly to focus on my territory and to promote the good, fresh and seasonal Salentina cuisine. I am and will do this by continuing my parents’ activity and by expanding a new project that started with the contribution of my boyfriend Matteo, who graduated at Alma, the cooking school by Gualtiero Marchesi. We are now promoting catering and banqueting services on our territory with typical cuisine that we are trying to revisit with fresh and seasonal products that are rarely seen in catering services around our area.

- How did your food vision change during Unisg?
It didn’t really change but it got reinforced. Food is sharing, culture, science, history and I was already thinking about this when I first enrolled in Unisg, but it was only after having attended the university and travelling for 3 years that I could deeply understand the true value of food.

- Why do you think gastronomes should come to Salento to discover its food heritage?
They should come to Salento as it is a land rich in culture and tradition. Food in Salento is a philosophy. Every product that the earth donates us has a story, a tradition. Salento is biodiversity, not only gastronomic but also cultural and traditional; every village, that is even just 5 km away from the next, has its own identity that has to be discovered and can not be forgotten. Salento is not only beaches!

- Do you have any suggestions for current students?
To fully live their experience “a 360°”, not to miss any opportunity.

- What is your main source of inspiration?

My main source of inspiration is my family.

You can find out more about Giulia’s background and love for her land on the family restaurant website and keep up with her new project here!

- Your Newsletter Team