Micol Treves

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- What did you study in Pollenzo? Tell us something about your time here
I did a master in food culture and communication at UNISG. The whole experience was something unforgettable with its positive sides but also its negative aspects.

- What is your favorite thing about this university?
I think the best aspect of the university is the amazing bubble that exists in bra. The community around the school is what it makes it unique and completely worthy. I have to admit to most of the lectures we had during the master were definitely not good enough, but the energy and the knowledge that you get from the international community of the students is incredible.

- Tell us something about what you are doing now.
Right now i am the cheese maker for a small goat dairy farm. I fall in love with the cheese world during a workshop that happened in società and after graduation i found this opportunity.

- Is there any advice you want to give to the students?
Probably the best advice i can give is to be prepared that reality outside the Bra bubble is very different. I think this is the biggest difficulty i am facing right now. Most of us graduated from UNISG full of energies, but the reality is that most of the world don't even understand what we study in Pollenzo!!