Nr. 37 June '19

June, we missed you!

Hello guys! Finally summer is in the air and the end of this academic year is approaching. There are many cool events happening in June so check them out and don’t miss out. We hope you enjoy what we put together for this months edition, and good luck with the exams !
-Unisg table Team-

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following the paths of food and people

At its 3rd edition, Migranti Film Festival is a two-day film festival dedicated to the theme of migration, focusing particularly on second generations, coexistence, identity and multiculturalism. It is going to take place on the 28th of June in Turin and on the 29th in Pollenzo. The event is held in collaboration with our University and Slow Food, and professor Dario Leone is the Artistic Director. The program is very rich: movie screening, quiz, sport tournaments, a speaker corner, workshops, conferences, the Tavole Migranti, special meetings, a big party to celebrate the Festival, and much more!!


"The main purpose of the festival is to use cinema to activate an exchange between cultures, with the aim of exploring different identities. The festival was first started to encourage the use of cinematography as an essential factor in cultural, economic and social promotion, as a development tool for dialogue and integration. In this context, the object of study of the University of Gastronomic Sciences —gastronomy, an element of exchange between different cultures—offers the possibility of a holistic approach aiming in merging the differences through the creation of bridges crossing the rich landscape of human “biodiversity.” 


Watch the video of the past edition!


<- Click on the videos to find out more!

<- Click on the videos to find out more!

For the first time ever the Condotta Slow Food of our University collaborates with the Banco Alimentare of Piedmont.
What is "Banco Alimentare"? It promotes the collection of food surplus and its redistribution in charity structures. They are celebrating their 30 years Anniversary of activity and they want to party with us!
What's the best way to honor 30 years against food waste?
With a huge Disco Soup, obviously!
What is a Disco Soup? A Disco Soup is an event conceived by the Slow Food Youth Network to cook, eat and dance together. Showing the fun way to save food, while reflecting upon the enormous amount that goes to waste daily.  It's going to take place on Saturday the 8th of June at the headquarters of Banco Alimentare, in Moncalieri: we'll cook the food that was donated together with the help of chefs from restaurants in Turin, like Massimiliano Brunetto, Maurizio Camilli,
Silvia Ling, Alessandro Mecca, Marco Miglioli, Giorgio Picco, Luca Taretto, Fabrizio Tesse, Mauro Virdis.
A bus will be provided to go from Bra to Moncalieri, and back.
Music will be on since morning to support us during the cooking and to fire up our dance floor in the night! Save the date and get ready for it, we are going to cook, dance and eat all day long!

To join us you MUST sign up here: limited spaces!! 


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WORK IN PROGRESS on a new student association! The name hints at the topic, but why at Unisg, what are its goals? Most importantly, we want to know what it means to create a new student association and we are very excited to follow on its evolution.. or should we say, its blossoming? Check out How to create from nothing!

UNISG GARDENS - old but gold video -
We want to know how it all began, how it developed and who’s in this crazy team! We talked to passionate Alex about the connection that could be between theory and practices. Between human and nature. Unisg gardens is not only a project, it is a community, it is sharing and it is living! Get to know them!

STUDENT MENUS AT TAVOLE: Some feedbacks and previews

Check out our new website section on Tavole Accademiche! All the interviews here!



New possibilities:
an epistenological take on wine
Wine tasting is all about grammar: we focus completely on the adjectives, subject and objects, while we pay little or no attention to the whole meaning of the sentence. Professor Nicola Perullo tells us that our relationship with wine can be lived through a completely different perspective, one that, rather than a reductionist analysis, engages a fluid conversation with wine.
Let's see together how.


Circular economy: Dallo spreco al valore
Peter Lacy, Jakob Rutqvist, Beatrice Lamonica


One fact is incontrovertible: Earth's resources are limited. If current exploitation practices continue and world’s population increases, combined with the boom in demand for goods and services, said resources will soon reach the breaking point. To make matters worse, the current linear growth model considers the impact of waste as an issue that "someone else" will have to solve - and meanwhile the planet's capacity to absorb and dispose of waste decreases every year. It is clear that something needs to be done. It is not just a question of re-inserting waste (in its traditional sense inside the production cycle), but also of remedying the enormous under-utilization of natural resources, products and materials. We need to make a clean sweep of the very concept of "waste" and recognize that everything has value. Following this direction, Circular economy proposes disruptive strategies, able to make a contribution both to the planet and to profits. The authors identify five new business models that promote circular growth, and define the technologies and capabilities required to transform exhausted resources into a competitive advantage.


@maurizio “The perfect loaf” is a software engineer from Albuquerque, USA. After a trip back to his family home in Italy, he discovered a new love for sourdough and turned himself into a baker first and later into a blogger.

Maurizio believes in the value of homemade food that takes its time to be prepared, and to him sourdough bread is the explicit and transcendent example of a “slow food”.

Follow his Instagram, and go read his blog ( where you will find plenty of advices and recipes!



BBQ Da Blushu logo.PNG

What do you get when you mix a breakdancing architect with a UNISG gastronome that has a passion for barbecue? You get BBQ Da Blushu of course!
Despite starting out as an architect and designer, the call of the barbecue has never been far away for Blushu, leading him to start a food blog in 2016 to satisfy his love for food and to combine it with some silliness on social media. Over the years, his carnivorous blog and Instagram page have gone from strength to strength and, in April 2019, Blushu launched his own YouTube channel. In the first season expect to see a whole lot of meat, as he tackles the basics of barbecuing and experiments with some recipes, including one for barbecue sauce and another for chicken nuggets with a signature Blushu twist. However, if you’re thinking that this is all a bit too meaty for you, then wait for season two where he will be barbecuing with fish and vegetables and tackles the subject of eating a meaty diet in a more sustainable way. So, if you’re a barbecue fanatic on the lookout for some inspiration for the upcoming summer months, then be sure to check out BBQ Da Blushu’s YouTube channel. The show is entirely in Italian (sorry!) so, for all of you non-Italian speakers out there, don’t be put off. Instead, simply think of this as a fantastic way to pick up some great Italian BBQ vocabulary to impress your friends this summer!


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Deliciously Ella
Confused about health and wellness? Each week on this podcast Ella and Matt interview an expert to bring a little inspiration to your life - from gut health to mental health and anxiety, how to make sustainable changes, finding happiness, what happens to our brains when we exercise, skincare 101, dealing with stress, veganism and the environment and so much more.

Hosted by Ella and Matthew Mills, the founder and CEO of Deliciously Ella, this podcast brings you open, honest conversation around mental and physical health. Find it on apple podcast or on acast :)


Our friends cooked these a week ago. Bra, sup with you!?
Save them for next year, we hope summer has finally arrived!


Viennese Beef Goulasch

This classic from Austria derives from the times of the Austro-Hungarian empire and you can find it on every menu in Vienna, from the cheapest run-down places to fancy fine dining temples. Cook it in bulk and reheat it as many times as you want, it will only become tastier over time!
Enjoy this recipe!


Dark chocolate and almond truffles

This recipe is a simple one: few ingredients, quick to make and the perfect sweet bite after a meal.
Here’s the recipe.


We don't need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.

Are you booking a holiday? Are you choosing to go camping so that you can hop from one producer to another? Then see how RV camping trips can make a change towards a zero waste lifestyle.
They have great tips on how to:
- reduce consumption
- deal with the challenges of living a zero waste lifestyle when travelling
- ensure zero waste in an RV kitchen
- prevent food packaging waste and food waste
- water waste, plastic free, cleaning products
- and many upcycling ideas
What is RV lifestyle? Jose and Jill tell us all about it in their rich blog.


The United Nation World Food Programme has influenced to this new startup idealized to feed children in very bad conditions (mainly located in the Developing Countries), affected by the national poorness or the climate change impact on the natural resources. The App has a direct outline from the FAO’s Goals and Strategic Objectives (look at point 2), which has been aligned according to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. This is a non-profit organization that help people to be nourished thanks to a daily donation. The aim is to fight hunger in the more efficient and effective way! It’s a see-through system, a fearless leading team that may improve the/our future.

Here a great video explaining what are the 17 FAO’s Goals for 2030!


This space has been created by the Queer Food Collective, a bunch of people attending the University of Gastronomic Sciences right now. They are extremely sensitive to what is regarding the all-around world of students; connected to this the official group has the primary objective to form social bonds in order to feel people safer and give them instruments to face better the environment they live in. An international community to confront with on different specific topics thanks to meetings, social events and much more.
The educational point of view is really important during the sessions. No lens of race, of ethnicity neither of being transgender, each person is welcomed and safeguarded as member of LGBTQl+.
This new approach to discussions and actions has been realized through an open method of coordination. In conclusion, this kind of open group may be, for certain reasons,one of the next solution for the future generation’s awkwardness.
Here a link if you would like to know more about this social construction!



The Botanical Club, Milano 
The Botanical Club looks for young, dynamic and motivated people to grow together with the dining room team, actively participating in the ever-expanding business project. Minimum previous experience in the role of Commis of the hall/Chef de Rang and knowledge of natural wine. Starting from 06/05/2019, Deadline 31/08.

Cooperativa Capenardo, Genova
They are looking for a boy/girl who wants to learn and work at Macelli44, a butchery and lab in the historic center of Genoa, where they sell meat, produce cold cuts without chemical additives and stock the ribs of cow and ox from 60 to 120 days. Deadline 15/06.

Cucina-to SRL, Torino
Open position for a production manager who can organize and supervise the kitchens (also personally taking care of the preparation and cooking of products) and generally coordinate the realization of production plans, efficiency and quality targets, times, costs, security and management of the personnel of a production line. Starting from 03/06, Deadline 31/10.

Ristorante Immorale, Milano
They are looking for a cellar and head waiter who want to give the customers a pure and authentic experience. Deadline 15/06.
They’re also looking for a sous chef for a new opening in Milan. Deadline 30/09.


Amber Bewick, Viola Giorgione, Alessia Colaianni, Sonja Steffens, Susanna Danieli, Bruce McMichael, Lukas Kublbock, Martina Molino, Alyson Parkes, Elena Terzano, Asya Argentieri


Nr. 36 May '19

Hello May!

Welcome back from the holidays! We hope Easter treated you well. May will be a month full of events, on campus and off. Lots of visiting chefs and also students will be cooking at Tavole. Check out all the sections we’ve put together and we hope you enjoy!
-Unisg table Team-

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“Marine ecosystems and human society are intimately connected.
Even when we’re not eating fish, the chances are we’re somehow benefiting from
one of the sea’s many gifts. Yet often, in exchange for the tangible and intangible
goods that the sea gives us, we give nothing in return."

Slow Fish 2019 is almost here, happening from the 9th to the 12th of May at the Porto Antico of Genoa. The Slow Food Condotta of the University of Gastronomic Sciences is ready to present you all the activities they've planned for this 9th edition. We'll have conferences about the relationship between fishing and climate change, how plastic is drastically influencing the ecosystems and what a consumer can do to improve his everyday habits. At our stand you can learn everything about Ceviche and how to be aware of fish fraud, you can meet the guys from Fridays For Future Genova and enjoy every evening a lovely aperitivo learning the story and the work of amazing producers.
You can find out about the products of Ark of Taste in Liguria, explore the Slow Fish's market with our guided Personal Shopper, or discover the hidden roads of Genoa thanks to our Walk and Eat.
Finally, you have the chance to join our huge Eat-In on Sunday, bringing a dish to celebrate Slow Fish all together. Here's the link to all our activities, with date-time-description:
Luckly we are in a period in which we hear a lot of talking about the sea, climate change, sustainable fishing, but we also don't have so much time to change our behaviour and help the oceans.
Come to Slow Fish to learn, meet, discuss, share. It's a great occasion and you'll never forget it!


Communication from Student representatives are now updated on their page, check it out!
They have organised UNISG SPORTS DAY on May 25th!
Departure of running race and cycling (not race) from Movicentro at 10am. Tournaments start at 11am in Uni. There will be: volleyball, football, basketball, frisbee, ping-pong, dancing, yoga, boardgames.
Refill yourself with a Lunch EAT-IN at 1pm and then rope pulling contest + afternoon tournaments from 5-6pm.
IMPORTANT!! They are asking everyone to bring a dish and in exchange you will receive the new UNISG water bottle! Check your emails, the doodle will be out soon :)


Reinventing German Cuisine At Tavole Accademiche

Think you know German food? Well think again! Third year Bachelor students Elisabeth Wittich (Lisa) and Sofia Elisabeth Berlinghof (Eli) are the 1st group of UNISG taking control of the kitchens at Tavole Accademiche this year and have created a fabulous menu designed around food from their home country, Germany and in particular from the least known cuisine of the North.
We’re trying to go along with the beautiful simplicity of German food, we’ll just try to refine it a bit, make it more pretty, delicious and fun” -they said.
We caught up with them to learn more! Read their interview!



On the serendipity of tasting notes
Believe it or not, the story you are about to read is true from start to finish. So, given my experience, I would like to give an advice: next time you have some wine, take your notes. You never know where they can carry you.
Read Susi story here!



Street food

Street Food.jpg

Who doesn’t like a well produced food tv show, that puts dishes and their creators in the center of attention, while spoiling our eyes with beautiful imagery of mouthwatering plates.
No show does this better than Netflix’s “Chef’s Table”, but after over 30 episodes of showcasing the world’s most renowned and innovative chefs, some might think it’s time for something new.
So did also the shows creators and decided to go into a slightly different direction: away from fancy restaurants and out on the streets. “Street Food” is the new series by “Chef’s Table” producers David Gelb and Brian McGinn, focusing on the more authentic and “wild” side of local cuisine.It’s a great mix of amazingly put-in-scene images of the cooking process, the traditional history of the dish and most importantly the story of the cooks. Because it is them, who assemble it so masterfully after so many years of preparing it day in, day out.
The first season is set in Asia and leads us to Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore and the Philippines. Out now on Netflix! If we made you curious, check out the trailer!


When something is made with love, it gains an extra touch. That has to be true, just look how perfect and aesthetic are the breakfasts that Michael Zee prepares for his other half. This profile was born on a normal day, when Michael realized that the symmetry in the plates over the table... from an ordinary act of love to an Instagram phenomenon which led to a colorful book with all their recipes.

Want to your see your account mentioned here or one you think more people should hear about? Then email us with your suggestions here!

Hi, I’m Bianca and I am a third year undergraduate. Cooking is my personal way to relax my mind and I also find it artistic. I decided to open a gastronomic profile on Instagram to show both the food I cook and the food that inspires me. If you get to know me, you'll probably taste my focaccia - one of my favorite dishes to make. In fact I’m also really passionate about fermented food, and literally in love with my jar of sourdough.



Let’s Rethink Food
Many of you probably have heard about the now-controversial EAT Lancet Commission’s‘Planetary Health Report but if you haven’t, it made headlines around the world recently offering a review of what its research said constitutes a healthy diet from a sustainable food system and which actions can support and speed up food system transformation.
So now, guess what? The commission has launched an interesting series of podcasts with episodes covering topics such as Safeguarding Earth with Food, and Making Leaders Act on Food. The idea is to translate the findings of the report into everyday action by having engaging conversations with scientists or entrepreneurs from the food world. As we know, a transformation of the global food system is needed and this is exactly what the podcast is talking about!
Let’s Rethink Food can be found online or in Apple Podcasts; give it a listen ☺



Strawberry cake

Strawberries are the first juicy summer berries to land on our tables and punnets of the delicious, locally grown fruit will soon be available at markets in Bra and from the roadside trucks outside Pollenzo. Here’s a delicious recipe to let your imagination fly and enjoy during breakfast or over a lazy afternoon, and to give you energy for these last few months of university before the summer holidays, oh, and all those exams! Here’s the recipe.


National Geographic posted this map showing the areas of deforestation. Last year, 30 million acres of forests were lost around the world. Forests not only are natural habitats to animals, but are also critical to fight climate change. The main reason for deforestation is for grazing animals and soy production (both for livestock production). Read more about it here.

Between the 23rd and 26th of May, each EU member state will participate in the 2019 Parliament elections. So, get out there and vote!! Inform yourself on which party to vote and the ones focusing on policies such as reducing the gas emissions and plastic use, better agriculture practices and animal welfare. You can take a basic quiz on this website, but in any case look up and do some reaserching before the polls.



CAREER FAIR 2019: May 22nd-24th
How can we condense all of ourselves on a CV page? Really, only half for cover letters?
Are you having nightmares about job interviews?  
Challenge yourself in these three days. Once you start, everything looks easier!

A great opportunity for all students, not only for the chosen ones who will found an intership/job at the end of the weekend but for everyone else to practice with CVs, Cover letters and Interviews. 
Dear Alumni, we know you will be there too and we can't wait to meet you (and to get 100 suggestions on how to make the next step!)
Some deadlines for you all:
Job/internship application: May 2nd - 6:00am
Workshops and closed number events: May 17th at 12.00 am
Click on the image below to access to your account and Download the program!

Amber Bewick, Viola Giorgione, Alessia Colaianni, Sonja Steffens,
Susanna Danieli, Bruce McMichael, Lukas Kublbock.

Nr. 35 April '19

Hello April!

Welcome Spring! As the warm weather approaches Piedmont, also the markets will be full of new vegetables and fruits to choose from. Scroll down to see what to do this month, support Alumni crowdfunding and follow our Instagram foodie finds!
We hope you enjoy the read,
-Unisg table Team-

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 18.51.40.png


UNISG grads dig Dutch for the future

Five UNISG alumni have teamed up to re-energise De Stadsgroenteboer Community Supported Agriculture, a smallholding located just outside the Dutch city of Amsterdam.
In between prepping the land to plant dozens of varieties of vegetables, herbs and even fruits, they have found time to run a successful but ongoing crowd funding campaign.
Measuring 4,000 sq metre, the small-holder De Stadsgroenteboer was taken over in December, 2018 and is now being planted with tasty, healthy produce for 70 members who sign up for a season of weekly vegetable boxes, to be collected at the farm or delivered to their homes.
Here, they talk with us about their journey, hopes and expectations!


Soil, sun and soul:
the collective memory of a label

 Our last study trip to Provence has been a full immersion into wine. Let me share with you a collective memory of a label and let's see together how it can tell a story and evoke a taste. You will find that the wine, the natural elements that shaped it and, at last, ourselves are all connected: to become one you just need to drink it. Read our story here!

prov 2.2.png


Happy food  
by N. Ekstedt & H. Ennart


Niklas Ekstedt and Henrik Ennart spent most of their lives trying to understand how food affects us: however, only recently they realized that a big piece was missing. Everybody was only thinking about how food is mechanically causing reactions in our body without taking into account that it has a huge role in maintaining our mental health. It’s amazing to understand how everything is related inside our body and how much we need variety to work at our best: from nutrition to microflora, food affects all of our organs, including the brain. In the last 50 years industries created a global mono-diet composed only of a few varieties of ingredients, and that is why we are witnessing an exponential increase in the number of people affected by food-related body and mental illnesses. But, as a positive consequence, we are inquiring more and more on the types of food that can have a positive impact on ourselves. Through this book, the authors create a guideline to build awareness on how important food is to maintain balance, using a scientific and conscious approach. Providing 38 recipes carefully selected, they give readers the directions to find the most suitable diet for them in order to preserve body and mental health.



Arianna Garella

Program, year: Triennale, 2011 - 2014
Current occupation: Culinary instructor

A summer spent living in the Italian Alps introduced Arianna to butchery, cheesemaking, and farming, and in 2011 she found herself packing up and moving to Italy to attend UNISG. After nearly four years in Italy, Arianna is now back in Seattle, currently teaching classes for both adults and kids at The Pantry, a community kitchen based in Seattle, Washington.
Read her interview here!


ig 2.png

Today we suggest you this food blogger, an Italian girl studying in the UK and sharing how to eat healthy food in such a different country as England. Go follow her!

It's not just food... it's good food, first of all. Secondly, it's slow food, carefully selected and prepared with love and passion. Because food is the first and real medicine,it's fuel for the body and soul. It's not just about food, it's about art, travel, photography and more...


Laila Said @worldonyourpalate is a UniSG Master Alumni.
Right after her experience in Italy, she worked in Mexico (her home country) where she collaborated in hosting gastronomic tours which aimed to showcase the unknown richness in the new gastronomic identity which is developing in the city of Baja, as well as the diversity and high quality of the local ingredients.
Right now she lives in New York City, working at @prior (a project founded by David Prior, UniSG Alumni who you can meet on April 4th at TA) creating bespoke travel itineraries with an emphasis on typical and regional cuisines, trying to connect travellers with artisans and producers on the ground, empowering local communities and craftmanship.

Want to your see your account mentioned here or one you think more people should hear about? Then email us with your suggestions here!

Hi, I’m Alyson from the MFCC&M course. Like everyone here, I’m seriously into my food but it’s restaurants that get my attention when it comes to Instagram. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I’m well on my way to capturing a thousand meals. For me, it’s all about the art of food plating and I try my best to photograph the beauty of every dish and showcase the skills that go into making it. Snapping photos of food from London to Pollenzo, expect to see everything from my favourite sandwich shop to a handful of Michelin Star restaurants and everyone in between, with the occasional glass of vino thrown in for good measure too of course.
So, join me on my adventures in pursuit of culinary perfection!



Food non-fiction
Have you ever wondered about the story behind some of your favourite food and drink products? Ever picked up a bottle of kombucha and thought “who on earth would have thought to brew a pot of sweet tea, leave it to ferment and then think to drink it?”

Well now you can find out the answer to many of these questions by taking a listen to the Food Non-Fiction podcast. Hosted by two self-claimed “foodbuffs”, Lilian Yang and Fakhri Shafai, this duo delve into the history of many of the most well-known food and drink brands from around the globe. There is something for everyone, whether you want to understand what exactly is meant by craft beer, hear about the very first origins of Nutella, or if you want to listen to interviews with some of the most influential names from the world of food and drink. And if the world is not enough for you, then there is a special episode with astronaut Chris Hadfield who lifts the lid on eating and cooking food in space. Find it on Itunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, and on all other podcast-apps!



Chocolate Truffles

These truffles are so good, great as a snack or for a sweet tooth craving, they are super healthy and so easy to make! Give them a try. Click HERE for the recipe.


Hello everyone! We are Unisg LGBT community and today we want to present you these articles about food related to queer people thanks to Jarry Mag. More than just a magazine, Jarry brings together a community of queer chefs, eaters, makers, writers, photographers, artists, and industry influencers to celebrate its accomplishments and deepen its conversations.
But in general, we are glad to have created this amazing group of people, ready to be open and share with people near and far from this community the experiences and the different points of view of our Unisg mates.
Contact us at:

"Microplastic pollution has been found in some of Britain’s most iconic and remote rivers and lakes […] The new research looked at ten sites - including lakes in the Lake District, waterways in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, and a wetland as well as the Welsh reservoir - and found microplastics in all of them.
Dr Christian Dunn, of Bangor University, led the research and confirmed the findings suggest that microplastics should now be considered as an emergent contaminant - and that routine monitoring of all UK waters must now take place." This is the introduction of ECOLOGIST interesting article about microplastics in Britain.



Caffè Elena, Torino  
Caffè Elena is the symbol of the 19th century in Turin, a central place for thinkers as Cesare Pavese and Nietzsche. They are currently looking for a sous chef and a bartender, mostly for dinner shifts. Check it out! Deadline 30/04

Aina Kauai, Hawuaii
Aina Kauai is a new restaurant that tries hard to give a new essence to food and to consumers too. They are looking for a sous chef with a lot of passion in cooking. Check it out! Deadline 15/04

Ampeleia, Roccatederighi
Ampeleia is an agricultural reality open to young people: they care about being sustainable and using new technologies in farming practices. Interested? A position as commercial manager is waiting for you! Deadline 30/04

Callmewine, Italia
This company is really into wine and loves telling about it: currently it is looking for somebody that likes to write and wants to describe in the best way the wine world . Deadline 30/04

Amber Bewick, Viola Giorgione, Asya Argentieri, Susanna Danieli, Elena Terzano,
Alyson Parkes, Bruce McMichael, Carly Dela Cruz, Vittoria Rapone, Alessia Colaianni.