Nr. 21 November '17


Although the famous truffle fair in Alba has started already last month, we gastronomes know that the good truffles come out later, so this month go look for them, hopefully with local truffle hunters and their cute lagotti dogs. Also, this month we will have our student elections, so all of you please do your duty and vote! Check out the Migranti film Festival events in the Student Life section, scroll down to see the featured recipe of one of our students and the events of the month!
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How to determine the quality of the Tartufo Bianco d'Alba? These are the factors to take in consideration:
Appearance: it's important to check the external part (the "rind") and make sure it's thin and without moldy parts. The size is less relevant for the quality, but more for the price.
Smell: must be intense and persistent, which indicates complete maturity. It resembles the odor of methanol gas.
Consistency: the truffle must be hard, not mushy nor dry. If not like this, it could have been stored for a long period of time or hide rotten parts inside.


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Migranti Film Festival Rewind
Exchange, inclusion, integration, contamination and multicultural gastronomy. What sorrounded Pollenzo in the first Migranti film festival will continue throughout the year and the first important part is already starting in November with MFF REWIND!! Movie night with some foreign food? Not only! You have the chance to meet and talk to Indian, Tunisinian, Albanian, Senegalese and Romanian communities who have not traveled long to come to the five evenings: they are living in Bra or in the surroundings. How do they see what you see? How do they live it? Be part of this intercultural exchange and be ready to broaden your mind. Check out the detailed program here.



Take part in the MENU FOR CHANGE Challenge! Slow Food has started a campaign to raise awarness and tackle climate change through our food choices. Participate in the challenge through picking local food from the farmers market, cooking with sustainable varied foods and sharing your recipes! We gastronomes know that each bites counts! Challenge ends on November 26.



The founder
l will continue throughout You can say what you want about fast food industry, but the one thing is for sure: its creation had a massive impact on the world.
The Founder is a movie about the origins of the McDonald's Corporation, its transformation from single burger joint in San Bernardino (CA) to the international fast food empire it represents today. It tells the story of Ray Kroc, a successful milkshake salesman, who meets the McDonald's brothers, sees a huge potential in their newly developed system of efficient food preparation and convinces them to start franchising their restaurant. Kroc is skillfully portrayed by acclaimed actor Michael Keaton; he depicts a man driven by persistence and greed who doesn't seem to have a moral conflict when it comes to reaching his goals.
Don't expect to see a overly critical movie about the fast food industry, but instead an interesting, yet not glorifying origin story of one of the antagonists of the Slow Food movement. After all, you should always know your enemy. 


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Henna Garrison

Henna is originally from Nantucket, she finished her Food culture and Communication master program in 2015 and she's now in Sicily, trying to make people understand the complexity of food! She tells us more about living in "a condensed Unisg" here.


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ZTASTYLIFE is the account of Amelia, Italian by birth living in the States, she focuses on the ingredients, tradition and memories from her home country.


Napa wines in difficulty due to fires:
California's signature wines are in big trouble due to the latest fires. What will happen to them?
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Fairtrade "certification":

An interesting and brief article on Italy's fairtrade market (article in Italian).
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Cooking as never seen before (Nathan Myhrvold):


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BUCHTELN (by PHILIPP OGGIANO): My grandma has always been a great inspiration for me especially when talking about cooking. There is no dish she makes I do not like: traditional south-tyrolean and alpine cuisine - no restaurant, “osteria” or “trattoria” has ever managed to beat her skills. I’ve got a very sweet tooth and therefore the sweet things made by and with my grandma are the ones I remember the best.  ...Read More.



Domori, None (TO)
Are you a chocoholic? Premium Chocolate producer Domori is offering a stage from November 6 until the end of the year.

Eataly, Genova
Eataly is offering a stage as a personal shopper in Genova. From November 6 to end of January.
Got your attention?

You love traveling and are fluent in English? Backroads is looking for a Trip Leader. Part-time from April to November 2018. Interested?

Locanda dell’Arzente is looking for a room attendant/receptionist/event manager to work in their restaurant in San Salvatore Monferrato.

P.S. Did you know that there has never been a recorded allergy to truffles?

Amber Bewick, Viola Giorgione, Lukas Küblböck