Nr. 29 October '18


Hey peeps! After a long break of summer, exams, Terra Madre, etc. we are finally back to school welcoming the new students, and getting used to Bra life again! Lots of new activities and events are going on this fall, check out all the sections we created for this month and let us know what you think!

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Korean temple food

You tasted it, you loved it! Want to know more about it? We are going with you to a temple, a far away temple in Korea. Here we will taste all the temple food that is good to eat and good to think. In fact we will talk about how the Buddhism changed the way to eat and how no food waste goal started in Korea some centuries ago.
Check it out!



We are so happy to introduce this new section in our blog posts since we felt that our wine lovers missed a space where to inquire about wine bottles, best producers, news and concerns about this world. P.s. Not only wine, we welcome every beverage!
Red wine issue
When it comes to wine, people usually have strong opinions concerning their tastes and preferences. However, when it comes to wine and food pairing, things get more difficult: there are many guidelines about what should come with what, and, more often than not, the pattern usually involves dishes that contain proteins from animal origin. Have you ever noticed?
Read more about it, here!


The New Gastronome
There’s a new magazine in town and it just happens to be truly fantastic!
The New Gastronome is UniSGs new online magazine, presenting articles, stories, recipes, photo essays, videos and many more things created by our own alumni, students and professors. Their aim is to “shine a light on the individuality and uniqueness of food”. And oh, boy! It turned out to be beautiful.
Go to the communications office to grab your own printed version for the cost of 5€.
If you're a UNISG alumni or student that would like to write for The New Gastronome, they'd love to hear from you. Submit your work at:

Tampopo (1985)


Who doesn’t know the feeling? You sit down in a restaurant you just discovered, order your favorite dish and when you take your first bite you think: “Hm, almost there, but not quite it.” Everyone has been on the quest of finding the perfect version of his favorites. The Japanese movie “Tampopo” tells exactly this kind of story.
It’s about a young widow and ramen shop owner, who is trying to turn it into the best noodle place in Tokyo. One day she encounters two truck drivers and ramen connoisseurs who decide to help her become a master of the art.
Told in multiple episodes (some of them only remotely connected to the story, but always dedicated to the noodle), this movie manages to be a crazy and entertaining tribute to food lovers and perfectionists alike. If you’re up for a movie with a different, very Japanese approach to comedy and story telling, or just a fan of ramen noodles in general, you should really give this one a chance.



Alexander Djourdjin

While many have just entered the world of gastronomy, and their dreams and inspirations still look quite far ahead, there are some who have trotted the way to Pollenzo many, many times. And it is those our alumni rubric is addressed to, because hey, who doesn’t need a bit of inspiration and advice on the pressing matters.
Read here Alexander Djourdjin’s story and don’t be afraid to make the next big step.


Marta Foglio is a young chef from Biella, she is an exponent of the macro-Mediterranean cooking. Marta specializes in eco-friendly vegetarian food careful to the balance between people and the environment they live in. Her cuisine is healthy and makes a large use of vegetables. She's the founder and owner of "Foodopia" and she offers lectures of healthy style of cooking using local ingredients.


End the Animal Cage Age!
Sign the European Citizen Initiative petition supported by Slow Food to stop the use of cages for livestock production! Click here

Slow Money
”Bring money back down to earth”.
Learn more about this non-profit organization: Click here

Check out Netflix’s new show based on Samin Nosrat’s best-selling book: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat



Extracrispy oven potatoes

This recipe doesn’t need a description.
Trust us, you just gotta try it.



Especially Puglia is looking for a Travel coordinator in New York! An intership in the high-end travel industry that could lead to a full-time position. Deadline 31/10.

Distilleria Romano Levi is looking for someone who can support them and help in communication for 3 important events from October 27th to December 3rd. Check it out! Deadline 19/10.

Work from home (or near Vercelli)!! A great job opportunity with a legume producer in marketing research, on-line and import-export sale. Start date 17/10/2018

Relais&Chateaux is offering a curricular Intership in the tourism and hospitality field. You will be assisting the delegation manager in all the Membership service activities. Deadline 15/10.

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