Nr. 18 July '17

It’s hot, hot, hot!


This month, things are heating up in Pollenzo...  Exams are in full swing and students are busy at the university getting ready for the end of the academic year. With holidays right around the corner, we’re featuring summer in the South of Italy, bringing you tips and suggestions to find your way to the hidden treasures of the South. Get ready for a Sardinian dinner hosted by one of the new Masters students, an interview with a UNISG alumni from Salento and a 5-tip guide to the best spots in Calabria. This July, we are also introducing some new members to our Newsletter Team.
Welcome aboard ladies, we’re glad to have you join us! 
- Your Newsletter Team


We have finally marched through the doors of November. It has taken us a few roasted pumpkins and heaps and heaps of roasted chestnuts, we cannot lie. And even if Halloween wasn’t enough to scare you away, there is something else that might-the weather. The defense you have, corduroys and jumpers in all hues of brown, is not sure to hold. This is where the ASSG and the Condotta come to aid. Here are some events to keep the skies over our student lives clear.  The pub quiz has been a long-lasting tradition; and no, don’t imagine the heated arguments about the future of gastronomy you are having around the dinner table, quite often caused by the participants’ search for the veritas in the effects of aged in casks substances. It is another sort of event. Still held in a bar, though, but fueled mainly by your knowledge, competitive spirit, and team play. To sooth the booing voices in the background, there will be drinks (some ‘stuzzichini’ as well), so get your facts right and don’t skim through your emails.  Aaah, Slow Food. It doesn’t pass a day without us being reminded about them. You’d better stay attentive, though, cause the UNISG’s Condotta keeps coming up with new events. In other words, check your inboxes with the regularity you do your Instagram feeds.

Last month, the new Masters in Food Culture and Communications had their very first study trip. Lucky for them, there is no better way to inaugurate their studies in Italy than with a week long exploration of Calabria. This edition, we're bringing you a 5-tip guide to spending the summer in Calabria with suggestions on visits from the Masters' actual trip. Whether it's a refreshing glass of Passito, an abundant lunch at a family run farm or just a long walk on the beach at sunset, we've got it all at your disposal. Read the FULL GUIDE HERE for the best ways to make the most of your Calabrian summer holiday!



Sardinian Dinner at Societa
On the 4th of July, Master of Food Culture & Communications student Marco Porru will be hosting a Sardinian dinner at Societa Gastronomica with fresh and handmade ingredients sourced all the way from Sardinia! The starters selection consists of Sardinian cheeses such as Pecorino (sheep), Caprino (goat), Ricotta Mustia (smoked ricotta), cured sausage, olives and Carasau bread; as well as Guttiau bread (Carasau with oil and salt, toasted in the oven). The first course will consist of Malloreddus alla Campidanese (typical Sardinian pasta with fresh sausage, saffron and tomato sauce). And finally, for sweet sweet Dolce, Marco will prepare Seadas (Fried puff pastry stuffed with cheese, served with honey). Of course, no meal in Italia is complete without Vino! Marco is also offering a handpicked selection of some amazing Sardinian wines & spirits; trust us, we can’t wait for this one! 


Taste of Southern Italy - Marlena de Blasi
“It has always been true for me that to know a place, I must first know how it eats and drinks.
Everything unravels at the table."

Blasi’s ongoing and extraordinary calling to food began at the mere age of 9 years old in Southern Italy. In her revolutionary novel, “Taste of Southern Italy: Delicious Recipes and a Dash of Culture”, she takes the reader along her personal journey of remote island villages and the most beautiful cities in Southern Italy in search of the most cherished recipes in the world. While this can be described as both a storybook and cookbook, it gives great descriptions on many recipes we have come to love as gastronome,  such as: Gnocchi di Castagne con Porcini Trifolati, Insalata di Pesce Dove il Mare Non C'e, Pane di Altamura, Ricotta Forte, and many more. In a country where good food is always plentiful, you can be sure to conquer these rich flavors while embracing the rustic culture of Southern Italy.



Giulia Tramis

Giulia comes from Salento, the heel of Italy's boot. She graduated in March 2016 and only after 3 years of Triennale did she realise that she couldn't leave her beautiful land! She is now determined to make people understand what food can signify in terms of territory, culture and tradition with a critical and innovative perspective. She tells us more about her project here.


An Israeli living in Paris can only have great ideas! Tal Spiegel is eating his way through all the divine pastry shops the city has to offer and is choosing the most creative sweets to feature on Instagram. Check out his colorful account!


Summer Drink Ideas:
A list of summer(y) drinks to keep us refreshed by Heidi Swanson.  Read here

Eggplant favourites, trace back to Sicily
Talking about South Italy, did you know that pasta alla Norma, parmigiana alle melanzane and caponata alle melanzane all come from the amazing culture of Sicily? Read here

Whole Foods was bought by Amazon.
Is food going to be bought online?
Q&A by Alice Waters: Read here

Migranti Film Festival Thoughts
Sa’ar Avrashi wrote a little piece about his ambivalent story with immigrants...
Read it here



Here we have a big one! To all the chefs among you: Eataly needs a passionate cook to be responsible for their cooking school. Teaching, preparing, hiring, EATING! Click here if that´s you!

Slow Food is looking for volunteers to help with conferences and the delegates for Cheese 2017. If you're looking to get involved in the event this September, this is your opportunity. Click here.

Eataly, Genova  Eataly is offering a stage as a personal shopper in Genova. From November 6 to end of January. Got your attention?

You all know these little italian pastiglie with the beautiful packaging? Leone is looking for someone to take over the social media and communication department. Click here.

Vinitaly International in Bologna needs someone to organize events with them about italian wine. They want to build a bridge between Italy and the rest of the world with wine as the transmitting mean. Click here.


Dear students,
In a couple of months the Slow Food international communication and fundraising campaign focusing on the issue of climate change and on what everyone can do in their daily life to mitigate it will kick off!
The campaign, named Menu for Change, will be composed of three phases and will end on 31st December. In order to have as much participation as possible inside and outside the Slow Food network, we need your help!
The first phase of the campaign will be called Eat Local: we'll ask all of our contacts to send us a picture of a dinner with friends cooked with local food, to tell us and to post on our social media pages three local foods they ate during the week or to share a selfie with their favorite producer at the open market or at the farm. All this will be used to talk about the importance and the positive impact of both eating local food and biodiversity on climate through videos, articles, interviews.
In order to involve as many people as possible since the very beginning of the campaign, we'd like to ask you to take part in this first phase earlier, in order to then have some materials to start to prepare the gallery and posts on social media.
So, now that you are about to go back to your home countries for the semester holidays, use your creativity and send us photos with your favourite producer or of what's local food for you by the end of July at:
Remember to write your name, surname and the name of the food you took a picture of!
Thank you so much for your precious help and... happy holidays!!

P.S. North Vs. South of Italy: Check out a few basic and super funny differences here!

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