Nr. 16 May '17

Welcome, beautiful May

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We´ve all been desperately waiting for you! And you guys will be surprised how much is going on this month, Bra is coming to life! In this edition we find out all the cool things to do at Slow Fish and if you´re tired of it what else you can do in Genova. Some crazy student events are happening in Bra and once again the Aperitivi in Consolle will contribute to a vivid night life. Find out more in our articles and give everyone a big smile for summer is finally knocking on our doors! - Your Newsletter Team



Get ready ladies and gentlemen, because Slow Fish is back! This May, Porto Antico in Genoa will be hosting the 8th Edition of the sea conservation and awareness event. The theme for 2017 is ‘we are the net’ and represents the inter-webbed relationships and exchange of knowledge amongst the actors in the fishing sector. For 4 days (from the 18th - 21st) the city’s port will be filled with everyone from fisherman, craftsmen, chefs, researchers and of course thousands of tourists ready to drink, eat and spread the concern for our oceans’ wellbeing. To get a head start in planning your visit and avoiding the madness, be sure to check out our guide for the Top 5 Things To Do At Slow Fish here.



Discovering Genoa
This month while Slow Fish is swarming with people, take a day to escape the crowds at the port and explore the amazing city of Genoa! Filled with historic landmarks and traditional restaurants, we recommend a long walk around the city centre to browse the shops and meet some of the locals. For some Genovese classics stop by Voglia di Pane for their renowned focaccia and if the sun is shining, try and make it to Boccadasse for great gelato with a beach setting. We also suggest the drive to Spianata Castelletto, the hill a little outside of the centre, for a great view over the city at sunset. For a traditional restaurant to taste the local cuisine, head over to Zena Zuena to enjoy a nice dinner among friends.


Società Gastronomica
Are you wondering what's going on at Societa right now? A lot of stuff actually! They've just planted around 100 Dolcetto plants. Those lucky enough to still be around in a couple of years will be able to taste the very first "società wine". Wait, there's more! Now that Spring has actually arrived and we're all looking forward to the brunches and dinners at the lovely società garden, in the next edition we will be publishing the "street food calendar". In the meanwhile: the next event - 14th May, which consists of a brunch and a flee market. Don't miss out.



Mezze, a Labour of Love
by Barbara Abdeni Massaad

During the second half of May our school lunch times have been enlightened by the colorful, joyful and full-flavoured Lebanese dishes cooked by Barbara Abdeni Massaad. Did you enjoy Hummus with Shawarma or is your mouth watering thinking about Fatteh and Baklava? Mezze, a Labour of Love is the right book to satisfy your craving for Lebanese food and enhance your knowledge on Lebanese Cuisine. Doesn't matter if you're looking for inspiration, recipes to reproduce for Social Dining or whether you're just curious about the Lebanese way of eating. This collection of mezze recipes reflects Barbara's desire to guide us back towards simplicity. Fresh, seasonal ingredients and easy techniques encourage and support even the least experienced cooks to success. She has taken inspiration from her own life experiences to bring us the best recipes available. Discover the magic behind the mezze way of eating, the essence of Lebanese culture. 



Johan Henrik

Kintzell Frøstrup

Johan is from Norway, he graduated in December from the Master in Food Culture and Communications - Human Ecology and Sustainability. He's told us a little bit about his Fish World, read it here!


Check out 2 michelin star, Spanish Chef: Daniel Garcia. His Instagram page is filled with beautiful dishes featuring Andalusian seafood.


ABC for the good clean and fair fish shopping
If you're looking for some advice to choose better fish for lower prices and be aware how not to harm the enviroment Read here

The things we take for granted can mean everything to others One minute different perspective on our everyday lives watch here

Did you check out the Slow Fish website? If not  read here

Plastic Oceans
Today, more than 8 million tonnes of plastic pollution are dumped into our oceans. Here is the project that aims to raise awareness and social action by making a beautiful film Watch here 



Are you a passionate baker? Then the Fretheim Hotel in Norway needs you! Join their multinational team to learn everything about the awesome nordic pastries and breads! here.

BeeBeeBee - that´s all that the young guys grom the Bybi enterprise in Copenhagen have on their minds. They do full time urban gardening and need your help this summer! Click here.

Eataly, Genova  Eataly is offering a stage as a personal shopper in Genova. From November 6 to end of January. Got your attention?

OUT is a restaurant being opened by former Unisg students in Tokyo and they´re looking for an executive chef and a restaurant manager. Ready for an adventure? Click here.

Have you always dreamt about working in a food truck? Join Urban Food Italy who sell street food from all over the world in Milan. Click here.

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