Nr. 31 December '18


It’s December, and apart from the Christmas carols, there is one other thing we cannot get out of our heads: the end of the first term is coming. And beyond that, the merry time, the mulled wine, and the presents. Reassuring prospects to make the remaining couple of weeks more palatable. To help you keep that Christmassy feeling unaffected, we have compiled quite a few interesting stories.
Find them below.

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We have finally marched through the doors of November. It has taken us a few roasted pumpkins and heaps and heaps of roasted chestnuts, we cannot lie. And even if Halloween wasn’t enough to scare you away, there is something else that might-the weather. The defense you have, corduroys and jumpers in all hues of brown, is not sure to hold. This is where the ASSG and the Condotta come to aid. Here are some events to keep the skies over our student lives clear.  The pub quiz has been a long-lasting tradition; and no, don’t imagine the heated arguments about the future of gastronomy you are having around the dinner table, quite often caused by the participants’ search for the veritas in the effects of aged in casks substances. It is another sort of event. Still held in a bar, though, but fueled mainly by your knowledge, competitive spirit, and team play. To sooth the booing voices in the background, there will be drinks (some ‘stuzzichini’ as well), so get your facts right and don’t skim through your emails.  Aaah, Slow Food. It doesn’t pass a day without us being reminded about them. You’d better stay attentive, though, cause the UNISG’s Condotta keeps coming up with new events. In other words, check your inboxes with the regularity you do your Instagram feeds.

Before being a university, UNISG is a community: people come from all over the world to learn about food and to share their culture, experience and point of view. This community, of course, speaks many languages, but there are two that stand out, being required in most of our courses: the good ol’ English, which everybody speaks and understands, and the rather difficult, romantic, half-words, half-gestures Italian. You make the rules: it can be just an informal chat in Italian to improve conversational skills and clear any doubt about the use of the language; otherwise each of you can teach their own language to the other. Either way Tandem Project is a win-win!

The primary objective of the Tandem Project is to help those international students who need to learn Italian as quickly as they can, in order to be able to follow the academic courses and get the most of their experience during the time spent Italy. As students, we understand the difficulty people face approaching a new language, especially Italian, with its tricky grammar, interchangeable syntax and, last but not least, figurative speech and gesture, which Italian widely consists of. Here’s the deal: two students (one native Italian, one international), a place to meet (Bra and Pollenzo are full of cozy spots to choose from), a language-based activity.

Tandem Project is not just about the need (especially for first and second year undergraduate students) to learn Italian: the project is born also to make new friends and have the wonderful opportunity to learn something new, giving back your personal knowledge in terms of skills. What would you like to learn? What can you give in return? Are you a pro in Indian folk dance and want to learn how to play the trumpet? Are you an expert in bread-making and would love to strike some yoga poses? Somewhere in Pollenzo there could be your perfect Tandem partner to share knowledge with!

INFO: If you wish to apply for Tandem Project and for any further information about how it works, please send an email to



Without any doubt, study trips are the most awaited times for us Unisg students! Could we extend the feeling, satisfy our thirst for meeting producers throughout the whole year? Niko’s ambitious project tries to keep the curiosity alive!



A Canadian wine landscape
Hey folks! As you know our university is pretty famous for didactic trips which, apart from a full immersion in different cultures, involve visiting all kind of food operators: in practical terms this means eating and drinking a lot. So what a better opportunity for us to explore the wine scene happening outside of Italy? Read more



This month we want to present both a Netflix docuseries and the cookbook it is based on. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking’ is Samin Nosrat’s attempt to bring attention to the forces that give balance to cooking, may it be in restaurant kitchens or at home.
She gives the reader/viewer an idea of how to control these forces, and improve their cooking skills. The book as well as the series is divided into 4 parts (I’m sure you can guess the respective titles) that concentrate on these four “elements” of cooking. The documentary additionally brings Nosrat and the viewer to 4 different countries that in her opinion represent the elements of cooking: Japan (Salt), Italy (Fat), Mexico (Acid) and, the place where she mastered her cooking, California (Heat).
Make sure to check out this little gem and make use of the tips and tricks it will provide you to up your home cooking game.


We always focus our attention about food on taste and smell, but what about touch? This experience is something new, something you can feel on your hands. “Hand as a primordial and sensorial tool for eating.” You can be in contact with food in a new way, more deeply with your soul. If you are interested in that follow Con•tatto and be in contact with the events. Keep in TOUCH!


Youtube channel "Benedetta - Il Cibo delle Coccole"
For me food has always been like a cuddle, like those my lovely grandmother Maria (Nonna Mari) used to give me, by hugging me or by feeding me with genuine Italian cuisine. And this is why I decided to name my channel "Il Cibo delle Coccole" (The Food of Cuddles): 'Cause Food is like a Cuddle!
APPELLO AGLI STUDENTI (E NON) ITALIANI: Read more about her story here




Baking Christmas cookies in December is a German tradition that I hold very dear. What could be lovelier on a cold Sunday afternoon than making the whole house smell like sugar and spice, eating too much raw cookie dough, licking your fingers, sticky with jam?
Find how to make them here!


Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 09.52.48.png

A 100% organic world is possible. The Indian state of Sikkim shows us how
It is the first state to be fully certified and is now ready to export its mode to the rest of the world. Click here

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 10.02.29.png

UN warns to stop biodiveristy loss or we could face our own extinction
The world must thrash out a new deal for nature in the next two years.
Click here

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Watch for free the new documentary “DOMINION”
Dominion uses drones, hidden and handheld cameras to expose the dark underbelly of modern animal agriculture. A must see. Watch here



Gusto Madre, Alba
Looking for a part time job? Gusto madre in Alba is looking for a waiter/waitress to help them asap! Deadline: 12/12.

Slow Food, Bra
Take part in the European commission project to develop the rural area in Azerbaijan through a gastronomy of quality. Curricular internship for students. Deadline: 31/12.

Heineken, Comun Nuovo (BG)
They are looking for Junior and Senior Technologists for the Production and Supply chain departments. Deadline: 03/12.

Sustain, London is looking for an experienced campaigner who shares their commitment to improving children’s food environments Deadline: 03/12.

Amber Bewick, Viola Giorgione, Lukas Küblböck, Nikola Gruev,
Elena Terzano, Susanna Danieli, Martina Molino, Sonja Steffens, Mateo Torres