Nr. 27June '18

Hello JUNE!

June is already here!
Summer seems to be coming closer and this month there are some exciting events coming up: be sure to check out the "Migranti film Festival" (more details below) going on this weekend and the "Coltivare and Custodire" event toward the end of the month, with the Honorary degree to Alice Waters!
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Food Photographer by Anthony Florio


It’s cherry season, which means mouthfuls of juicy, red deliciousness and the joy of ending up in the midst of a spontaneous cherry pit spitting contest. We want to take this occasion to direct your attention to a special product that recently became awarded the status of a slow food presidio: the Leithaberg Cherry from Austria. Grown in the region of Pannonia next to Lake Neusiedl, close to the border to Hungary, this thin skinned cherry has been grown since the 18 th century. At the peak of its production in the 19 th century, there were 10-15000 trees in every single community of this area. Nowadays there are around 5000 trees left in all of the region, due to the increased production of wine in this area. If you want to learn more about Slow Food Presidia, what they do, how they get chosen and, most importantly, what product is being protected from your country or region, check out the official website..



Spontaneous herbs
In June there is one of our favorite aromatic element: MINT. Here some notes about it:
- Scientific name Mentha spp (ex. piperita).
- It is a perennial plant that blooms with white and pink flowers. It adapts easily to any type of soil but its favorite are the swampy and humid ones.
- It was discovered in the distant 1696 by an English botanic called John Ray.
It is an important element in the Chinese medicine: it has always been used for its diuretic and digestive properties and also as an aphrodisiac. For some time its functions in Nutraceuticals, as well as anti-inflammatory, digestive and antispasmodic ones have been known.
You can also grow it on your terrace managing to choose among the 600 varieties that seem to exist! The best time to pick it is in Summer: take the leaves and the flowery ends to use it in the kitchen. HOW TO USE IT? Here are some ideas…
Good in omelettes and perfect for sauces and pesto, experiment with new refreshing drinks and home-made ice-cream!! In the Italian traditional cuisine it enriches ravioli and fishes.


Summer Eat-out (1).png

Even if you have joined UNISG quite recently, there isn’t a way you haven’t heard of the notorious autumnal Eat-in, organized by the ASSG, right? You haven’t, really! Well, that’s a miss, but we might forgive you if you decide to come to this new epic Eat-out we are planning. Listen carefully now! The date is the 7th of July and as we have already said, it is going to be awesome. Bring your post-exams sunny vibes and get ready to counter other peoples’ summer body goals with lots of drinking and eating. More importantly, check your inboxes for more info from the ASSG. 


A video on simple tips on how to reduce our everyday waste, done by two students. Our world produces every year 2.12 billion tons of waste ; we use 5 trillion plastic bags every year and 91 % of plastic is NOT recycled! Before waiting too long for our governments to do something (come up with alternative materials, tougher laws etc) we should all be more conscious and do something about it.
Enjoy and Share it!



Red Obsession
Forget any plan for this weekend, stay home, open a good bottle of wine and sit in front of your screen. We got a movie that you must watch: “Red Obsession” a 2013 Australian documentary. 
This beautiful movie brings us in the french soil where the great Bourdeaux are produced. This type of wine is booming on the eastern market, thanks to the push of new rich China that wants it all! The demand is unprecedented, but the product is finite, for this reason vintage bottles of Bourdeaux are sold at incredible amount of money. Narrated by the warm voice of Russel Crowe the movie bring us from Bordeaux to Beijing through a series of interview to winemakers and wine lovers.
Enjoy the film and cheers!! 


Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 22.38.21.png

BETTI TAGLIETTI is the account of Betti: she teaches kids about foraging, she cooks with natural ingredients and loves to decorate and prepare beautifully set tables. look her up!


Eco-friendly packaging
A team of people that cares about the future of the earth talks about their innovative organic packaging
Read here

"TechKnow," expert contributor Lindsay Moran travels to Green Island, NY, to investigate how mushrooms are being used to create Eco-friendly packaging and insulation materials. More traditional Styrofoam packaging is made of polystyrene, an unsustainable petrochemical, and can take up to a million years to biodegrade naturally.  

Gavin McIntyre, the man of the compostable.
An interesting article about one of the founders of Evocative design. 
Read here



Chamomile strawberry cake
In the last years wild chamomile is disappearing more and more in the field as a consequence of the use of pesticides.
We want to underline the importance of this plant by a recipe that celebrates Spring and its gifts. Chamomile is prepared from dried flowers and it brings an oasis of calm and tranquility. The beautiful Chamomile flower is native to Asia, Europe, Australia and North America, and blooms during the early summer months. Chamomile tea contains Chamazulene, an aromatic chemical compound that possesses antiinflammatory, analgesic and antispasmodic properties. Click here for the recipe.



Ascari Express (MI) is a startup aiming to compete in the Meal Kit delivery market and is looking for someone interested in their R&D division. 
Deadline 06/06.

Prior (NY) is a new membership-based travel business and media platform- They offer a “Launch Coordinator” Internship for people with a love for travel, a curiosity in the world, and a desire to be part of a pioneering approach to luxury travel.
Deadline 15/06

Antica Corte Pallavicina 
They are offering a stage in their family business as a receptionist and for guided tours/ events organisation. Deadline 12/06.

Orlando Abrigo (Treiso)
They offer an intership as guests welcoming, B&B receptionist and tasting guide during Alba truffle fair!
Deadline 08/06.

Amber Bewick, Viola Giorgione, Marta Manicone, Camilla Bondioli, Elena Terzano, Lukas Küblböck, Asya Argentieri, Niko Gruev