Nr. 24 March '18


Welcome to the new site!
Feels like this winter has been very long, we all can't wait for spring to arrive! This month our Uni, the surroundings and the students seem to be coming out of hibernation. Some exciting events are going on in March, like the annual Graduation party that Assg organizes and the 10 menu for 10 students has just started! Read up, keep learning and keep cooking!
-Your UnisgTable Team

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SLOW FOOD YOUTH NETWORK (SFYN) came to visit us in Bra last week ! SFYN unites groups of young Slow Food members from all over the globe into one international network. The local groups independently create original and engaging events aimed at raising awareness about food issues and providing means to take action. For example disco soups, eat-ins, food film festivals etc. Look them up on their facebook page and get in contact!



10 menus for 10 students
Guest chefs will not longer be the only highlights of our AT meals as some of us students will be cooking in the next few months! The participants will have the possibility to exchange food, share their experiences and show us how Unisg life influenced their stories. Without forgetting to promote local food producers and to ensure environmental sustainability, we will travel to who know what destination thanks to their narrating menus!
Don't forget to support them and share your opinions as we are sure they really want to have our feedback.
So, who accepted the challenge?

February Nataliya Korneeva (Russian menu)
March Good Mood Food -Achi Raanan, Shalom Simcha Elbert, Bartolo Causarano (Italian- Israelian menu) 
- April Iakov Shteyntsayg (Russian menu) 
- May Palmer Martinelli (A menu dedicated to Philadelphia and its german influence) 
June Ruth Von Strauss (Israelian menu)

June Cafiero Giovanni, Gorini Alessandra (Menu dedicated to Campania)
- June Yain Ale Sciola ("Silvestra Indie Food" menu)
- September Gianmaria Fasce, Davide Esposito e Philipp Oggiano (Menu dedicated to the fig)
November Saar Avrashi, Francesco Grandi (A winter menu, result of their different nationalities and working experiences)



Graduation Party
Well, winter may still not be over, with its everlasting grip, or at least this is how it seems, but we have prepared something quite good to raise your spirits, which shines over our horizon of events (not to be mistaken with the one of the black holes though). You guessed it: graduation time is here, and we are going to mark the occasion with style.
Brush up you grandad’s tuxedo/your grandmother’s gown and get ready to travel back in time and find yourself in black and white (it probably had something to do with that black hole after all). Now, now, we are not going to be that restrictive or conservative. The Art Deco fans will have the perfect opportunity to show off, but for the not so venturous: the attire is a matter of preference. You can always play it safe with navy. Just keep it sharp, as much as the mind will try to astray from that with the progression of the night (the open bar is not a helper).
The 9th of March is going to be a day of contrast-with the night ushering into a new day and our beloved graduates taking a new step in life. Don’t be sad! We are going to send them away respectfully, so join the fun. The place is Cascina Pedaggera and you can arrive at any time. Considering the effort, you went through with your garments, we will ease you up a bit by providing the transport. Take the bus from Bra Movicentro. For more information check your emails.
If after reading all of that you are feeling pretty hyped up, don’t miss to buy your ticket at Tavole.



A foodies guide to capitalism: Understanding the political economy of what we eat
Eric Holt- Gimenez is the director of the Institute for Food and Development Policy, known as Food First, a “people’s think tank” dedicated to ending the injustices that cause hunger. The book explains the politics that stand behind our food systems, starting from local agriculture to Big food companies. Holt- Gimenez argues that lots of the world food problems- hunger, obesity, land grabbing, global warming and so on are due to capitalism. In the book the author drew a connection between basics of capitalism and what we eat through important questions that critic the system-  Why is a rational agriculture incompatible with the global food regime? Can transforming our food system transform capitalism? These are questions that can only be addressed by first understanding how capitalism works.   


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Valentina Gritti

You may haven’t heard from our alumni in a few months, but we will try to make up for that with a young gastronome who believes that change can be made from the bottom up and especially from young people. Intrigued? We bet you are. (And we ought to say you should be) Valentina Gritti graduated in 2016 and following her believes and dreams she found herself in various places, ending up doing something she really feels passionate about. Check out her amazing experience here.



LEPAKWITHYAOPS is the account of Lim, an ordinary guy that likes to eat and drink healthy. Have a look to his delicious profile!


Feds won’t make good food happen.. So cities, armed with food policy councils, will do it themselves:
Healthy and sustainble food advocate don't want to wait for the goverment to act for them. what do they do? Read here

The man who relives slaves through food:

Strategies for feeding the world more sustainably with organic agriculture:
Do organic agriculture is the solution for saving our planet from famine?
Read here



Orecchiette cime di rapa e salsiccia
Turnip tops are a typical dish of the Apulian tradition and undisputed protagonist of the cold season. Turnip greens are a nutrient-rich food that is also very versatile in the kitchen. Many popular recipes use them in Puglia, both as a protagonist and as a side dish and even combined with both rich and poorer ingredients since they give an exceptional taste to the final result... Read more



Sabadi, Modica
You always wanted to live in Sicily and you have a passion for chocolate? (Who doesn’t?)
Then an exciting new project in Modica is looking for YOU! More information here.

Azienda Agricola Valle Rita, Ginosa
CHEFS WANTED! This beautiful, 100 hectar agriturismo in the heart of Puglia is looking for a chef di cucina. To get to your dream job click here.

Grano, Moncalieri
To all the sourdough freaks and future pizzaioli out there! Moncalieri-based project “Grano” needs your expertise! Take a closer look here.

Slow food, Bra
Your favorite food organization is looking for a social media accountant to help them with preparations for Terra Madre Salone del Gusto. Interested? Click here.

P.S. Did you know that kissing may have originated when mothers orally passed chewed solid food to their infants during weaning?

Amber Bewick, Viola Giorgione, Lukas Küblböck,
Asya Argentieri, Elena Terzano, Nikola Gruev, Dana Tal