Nr. 20 September '17

Do you smell that?
It's CHEESE being flown in from all over the world!

September is an exciting month in Bra. We have students graduating, a whole new class joining the undergraduate programme and of course, every two years, it’s Cheese time! This edition, we’re all about glorious Formaggio! Be sure to check out our book and movie corner for Liz Thorpe’s gateway to the world of cheese and our interview with David Sebastian, a UNISG alumni who’s producing his very own cheese in France. It’s an edition not to miss… Say cheese! - Your Newsletter Team




Hands of the Makers is a collaborative project by one of our Unisg Alumni, Alice Noel Fabi, and Michele Colucci (video maker & copywriter). Through its videos, Hands of the Makers documents the beauty, the art and the knowledge of artisans around the world, in an effort to preserve their traditions, showcase the uniqueness of their work and inspire others. Their first video documents the work of craftsman Oton, who has been farming his land ecologically and biodynamically for over 30 years, keeping alive traditions that go back many generations and producing outstanding flours in his 800-year old water mill.
Particularly in the case of food artisans as in the above, their attention focuses on sustainable and ethical practices telling about lost knowledge or practices that deserve to be communicated more. 



The Eat-In!
September is a time of ‘comings’ and ‘goings’. As we say goodbye to some students who are graduating, we also welcome the new undergraduate class with the biggest student event of the year - The Eat-In! Organised by ASSG, the Eat-In is a whole day event, taking place on Saturday the 23rd, in which older students of the university meet up with the new classes and show them the ins and outs of life in Bra. The day starts with a miniature tour of the city, lunch and then cooking at host students’ houses before the big dinner. In the evening, all students and staff are invited to dine together in Piazza Garibaldi where everyone’s dishes are shared on long tables with plenty of flowing wine! Every year things tend to get a little crazy, so this time ASSG are asking that we all put our hands forward as a community and help tidy up after the event! Look out for the e-mail to sign up as host, volunteer or guest… you don’t want to miss this!



The Book of Cheese - Liz Thorpe
If you have never heard the name of Liz Thorpe, now is the time to meet her. This exceptional lady started her journey into the world of cheese from work in Murrays shop in New York and since then she managed to release two books, as well as to introduce the restaurant business in America to the most interesting and unknown cheese makers. Her second and just released in September book offers an interesting approach to the cheese study. Her theory is that the whole world of cheese can be mapped out from 9 familiar types: mozzarella, brie, Havarti, taleggio, cheddar, swiss, parmesan, blue and manchego. These gateways according to Liz can help anyone who interested in exploring this product, to understand what kind of type they can fall in love with. It sounds pretty promising and at least can be useful to those who always feel confused among the shelves in the store.



David Sebastian

Boada Mendoza

This is David. He grew up with the scent of cheese swiping under his nose and with time this became his passion. Starting from Ecuador he came to Europe to discover other cheese cultures and now is a true defender of the most natural ones. Read his full story here to find out how all of this happened..



The Square Food Foundation is a project in Bristol, led by chef Barny Haughton, doing a great and important job in food education.


Illustrated guide to master the elements of cooking.
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How to keep tomatoes fresh for longer.
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During Ramadan, Home cooks shine.
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Movie to watch: TAMPOPO
A great Japanese movie on a small ramen shop, intertwined by stories on relationship of food and love. Watch here  



Il Mondo Di Laura is a artigianal bakery for cookies and other sweets and needs a marketing assistant. Could this be you?
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Alcohol is YOUR thing? Apply now for a job at Cheese to organize tastings for Velier, sell their spirits and maybe even have some shots yourself. Click here

We all love pasta, don´t we? The Pasta Factory offers you a spot in their kitchen, located in the heart of Manchester, where you can fully live your pasta passion! Click here

Are you still looking for a job at cheese? With the Kaasaffineurs Van Tricht from Belgium you found it! They need you to sell their high class cheeses with a big cheesy smile. Click here

P.S. Did you know that moose cheese costs around $420 per pound? Each milking takes two hours, and must be done in complete silence!

Amber Bewick, Greta Contardo, Viola Giorgione, 
Zahra Hirji, Lea Schelling