Nr. 25 April '18


This month's theme is FOOD WASTE!
1/3 of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted! which amounts to 1.3 billion tonnes of food per year! (In Italy 2.2 million tonnes of food is wasted per year). This isn't right especially when you think of the waste in resources used for production such as land, water and energy, and the fact that 1/4 of this waste could end World Hunger
We should all be actively participating in fighting this problem, how? Join Disco Soups events (read below), follow no waste gurus and their tips on how to reduce your waste like Bea Johnson (Zero waste home) or Lauren Singer (Trash is for Tossers), sign up to apps like TooGoodToGo, plan out your weekly shopping wisely, and share the message!
-Your Newsletter Team

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April 28th: World Disco Soup Day!!
Be sure to save the date and get ready for the second edition of “World Disco Soup Day” on Saturday April 28th.
Last year more than 5000 kg of food were saved from being wasted.  It is well known that food waste and world hunger are two sides of the same question, both linked to bad distribution of resources and market inefficiency. The food we waste (about one third of the food produced) would be enough to feed 870 million hungry people in the world according to FAO.
What each one of us is called upon to do is to save food daily and “Disco-Soup” is a way to celebrate “food-saving”. The aim of the event is to collect leftover food or any food that would otherwise go to waste and to use it. It is meant to be a shared experience where people enjoy cooking  together all while music is playing (there is an open playlist on spotify for “world disco soup day” check it and add your favourite music!).
Disco Soup began 6 years ago in Berlin as a protest soup against food waste that fed 8000 people. From then on many different editions have taken place at local level until in 2016, the Slow Food Youth Network Brazil organized a National Disco Soup Day and whithin a year the first international “World Disco Soup Day” was organized.
Disco Soup events are spread  all over the world (check the map) but you can always organize your own party if there are none near you: get a group of enthusiastic people who love to dance and to cut a lot of veggies and organize your Disco Soup!



Probably, with all the other things going on, you haven't noticed that we didn't have a pub quiz in February. Whether you give it to the brevity of the month or to our engagement with the graduation party, one thing remains clear-we must make it up to you. We know that the imminent and approaching at light speed exam session is not something that starts you off for this cheerful event, so we will hold our horses till it’s over. Yet, be warned! Prepare for extreme jolly and excessive mental effort.  It seems our warnings are unnecessary. If you have successfully dealt with the exams, this quiz will be a child's play for you- so you can blow some steam off. You may be allowed to get wasted (probably is not going to have a great contribution to the team’s victory though) but remember not to do the same with food. Check your emails and see you soon!




If you remember with nostalgia your last study trip, moreover- you cannot wait till the next one, you are not alone, we are creating our own ‘UNISG Advisor’. Remember all those posts on Facebook from people looking for recommendations? well, we are trying to collect all of them and create a shared map/free space to take with you in your next trip. It would be much easier to visit good places with the suggestions of the other gastronomes. Pretty cool, huh? Soon we will launch this section on the website. In the meantime, you can start by listing down the names of all the must-visits, because we will need your assistance. Once the map is on you can add your own best location.
If you like it and have any idea, please share it with us here! coming soon!

Read the Food Waste Shame story by Eli Berlinghof, on the bread wasted every day at the Tavole! 
"Imagine you eat crappy bread from Maxisconto for breakfast, longing for a fresh slice of sourdough bread with a soft, heavy and warm center, a crispy crust making a sound that fills your ears with every bite. And four hours later, after a tiring morning class, in the Uni’s mensa, you see some of just these slices of your foodie-dream in the used plates rack, untouched, abandoned by their time-limited owners. How can they become waste within half an hour, passing 20 meters from the towel-lined basket to the rack, loosing all their value? „They go to compost“, I get told... Read more



Just eat it.
The 2014 documentary “Just Eat It. A Food Waste Story” follows Canadian filmmakers and couple Grant and Jenny on their quest to only eat discarded food for six months. Through their experiment they show the enormous extent of food waste, while giving an interesting insight on why and how this huge mountain of unwanted food accumulates. It is interesting and at the same time worrying to hear about the reasons and the consequences of this global crisis. Watch this beautifully made documentary and remember it the next time you think about throwing away something that might still be edible.


Jennifer Burns.jpg

Jennifer Burns

Jennifer graduated from her FCC master in 2016 and she has just launched a new brand! Her will to deeply understand the current food system shaped her carreer since day1. Check out why she chose Unisg in the first place and where she is now!



UGLY PRODUCE IS BEAUTIFUL is the account of Sarah Philips, showcasing how "ugly" produce is actually still beautiful (and of course still edible)


SAVE THE FOOD is a US public campaign to combat food waste, it gives good to know facts and inspires many to fight food waste


Rick Nahmias wished to fight food waste in Los Angeles, so he founded Food Forward, a non-profit organization dedicated to end hunger by sharing abundance.
Click for more 

France waste 66 pounds of food per person every year, so the government decided to
change the law and now grocery stores can’t throw away edible food anymore. Click
to read about grocery stores in France.

Odile Le Bolloch, Head of EPA Stop Food Waste program explain how to avoid food
waste by correct food storing and preparing. Read more

Watch this video about how tio easily reduce wasted food worldwide:


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GIARDINIERA POLLENTINA: This recipe was born after an event that the UniSG and Carol Povigna organized at Local to celebrate the beginning of November and the National Feast of Orti in Condotta.
It is a very interesting recipe against food waste because the aim of this recipe was to use the
remains of the Orto di Pollenzo. The day started with a visit in the productive Orto di Pollenzo to
pick up veggies. During the afternoon a group of students met at Local to transform the veggies with Carol and also to talk with a producer about his Piedmontese Giardiniera. Click here for the recipe.



Cucinato, Torino
Are you a chef or a food design lover? This job is made for you! They need new people full of positive energy from May 15.

Share The Meal, Berlin
If you feel that the food has a charity side and you love to organize, this job is for you. They need people from May 2 to September 9, have a look!

ReFED, California We are in The Golden State for a Golden job! They need Assistant Administrative from April 16.

Tipografia Alimentare, is looking for a kitchen staff from March 15 in Milano.

Amber Bewick, Viola Giorgione, Lukas Küblböck, Dana Tal, Camilla Bondioli,
Nikola Gruev, Marta Manicone, Asya Argentieri, Elena Terzano