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World Disco Soup was last weekend (some of us took part during the terra madre nordic event!) but we will do it this coming saturday on the 5th, don't miss out! Also, the career fair will be on the following week, check your emails for the program. Finally, the Migranti film festival will take place at the end of the month, they need our help!
-Your Newsletter Team

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Until 2 weeks ago we were wearing wool sweaters and winter coats, then summer arrived and all of a sudden we are in need of ice cream! Good news for us, since Gelato Festival is arriving next weekend (the 5th and 6th of May) in Turin! This event was originally done only in Florence, then it became a thing and was extended to all Europe! Unfortunately the rules to participate at the Festival as an artisanal ice cream maker are not to strict and many of the gelaterie featured are semi-finished industrial products.
But you can still find real artisans of gelato: we spoke to Claudio, the owner of Gelateria Cassia Vetus, between Florence and Arezzo. Claudio makes his ice-cream with passion and uses only 4-5 ingredients. He and his brother have been working together for two years to develop an ice cream that is lactose-free yet still creamy, tasty and refreshing! They joined the Gelato Festival Florence edition bringing their water-based creams and they met many other artisans like them. But be aware that fake artisanal ice cream is around the corner!
Claudio suggests that a real artisanal ice cream should have a flavor that is lingering and delicate.
If you join Gelato Festival try to decide which is the nature of your ice cream after a couple of licks!



The youth Consult of Bra- La CONDOTTA of UniSG, Bra and Lunetica cooperative - are happy to invite you to the second edition of the MULTICULTURAL BEINGs event. The evening will take place in the communal cafeteria and courtyard of the primary school Edoardo Mosca. The goal of the event is always the same, so to bypass the walls and create an evening that puts into contact all the different communities that have lived in Bra for long.  The evening will begin with the Ethnic style dinner: the main dishes will be prepared by the Indian, Senegalese, Romanian, Tunisian, Guinea-Bissau and Italian community. The asylum seekers an refugees will also partIcipate. From 9 pm exhibitions, group concerts and dj-set will be put up. We hope to see many of you!


Cinema e Valori – IX Edition
"No human is an island on itself, everyone is part of a continent" said John Donne. The theme of the 9th edition takes inspiration from this quote. With the proposed movies we want to suggest an analysis of today's society always in search of loneliness, but then finding ourselves through the encounter with another person. Beginning of projections: 9 pm
--> ticket price: € 4.50 // Free for under 25
Film in rassegna:
Thrusday 26th April - "La teoria svedese dell’amore"
Thursday 3rd May - "L’altro volto della speranza"
Thursday 10th May - "È solo la fine del mondo"
Thursday 17th May - "Il padre d’Italia"
Thursday 24th May - "Corpo e anima"



Hello, I'm Philippe, a student in 3rd year. Maybe you already read about my passion for cooking in a mail that I sent in january. To make it short, in the last 2 years I began to cook at peoples home and organize some dinners at my place. In the last month this activity of „Chef at Home“ reached a new „level“ and every week people (students or people outside the university) ask me if I want to cook for a dinner or an event. This gave me the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people and make great experiences! I'd describe my cooking style as experimental, in particular in terms of the tastes and flavours which I focus on.
It's all about: creativity + innovation + passion
My proposal can appeal to those who want to try out new recipes but don't want to cook, or who think they lack creativity in this particular field. But it can also suit those who like to exchange ideas and styles of cooking and thus be able to share their culinary passion. The idea is: I come to your home, I mix ingredients with creativity and cook FOR you- or WITH you. It can be a great idea to share hacks and ideas!
When people ask me about the costs I usually answer that they are shared and are just those of the ingredients needed. This for students. For non students except the cost of the ingredients, I prefer to say „you pay what you think it's worth“ or we can make a sort of agreement.
I recently opened an instagram account. During dinners many friends asked me if I'm on thi s social media because they wanted to share some photos of the preparation and the dishes. So I finally decided to open a profile to make myself a bit of publicity and to give people, who are interested, to have a better idea of what I'm doing and it can also be an alternative way to contact me.My instagram profile: ideaLCooKing (the one with the yellow apple pie as profile picture)
Looking forward meeting new people and sharing good times together. Just contact me! p.kaempf@studenti.unisg.it



Chef's table season 4- Pastry edition
Season 4 focuses solely on pastry chefs and dessert makers and their crazy/delicious creations. And of course one thing cannot be missing there: Gelato.
The first episode showcases Christina Tosis “Milk Bar” in New York City, where she became famous for creating all kinds of crazy desserts inspired by her love for junk food. But in episode 2 things really go down, when Netflix takes us to Italy (where else?).
On the island of Sicily we get to meet Corrado Assenza and his “Caffè Sicilia”.  There he makes unbelievably tasty-looking gelato, granita and other traditional pastries. Oh, and he also single-handedly saved the Romana almond from near extinction…Watch also the rest of the season to see Jordi Roca, a 3 star Michelin pastry chef and Will Goldfarb, an American pastry chef who moved to Bali.



Savina Nikolova

With the temperatures soaring and most of you looking for a shadow to rest your heads under during lunchbreak, it comes as no surprise that we have chosen gelato as the theme for this month’s issue. While we are pretty sure that you are very well acquainted with your local gelateria, and that your relationship is only going to get more intimate as the mercury goes up, we would like to draw your attention to something else.
Read here Savina Nikolova’s story and discover how something so Italian as gelato found its way to Bulgaria.



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ANDREA BEMIS is the account of Andrea, one of the best ten food blogger in the world. She and her husband make perfect simple dishes, full of colors and super healthy. Enjoy!


A brief history of gelato
How did it arrive to Italy and when was the first floating ice
cream parlor? Click here for more history!

Gelato festival
On-the-road European Gelato festival arriving to Torino! Click here to buy tickets and for
more information.

Shmoozie’s Ice Cream
Meet Kshama adka, artisanal ice-cream maker from Chennai, India. She only uses local ingredients and developes new recipes according to the season. Click here to meet her.


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Caramelized bread, (smoked) milk with yeast ice cream and deep-fried apple filled with cumin foam - by Ana Roš
Through many researches and thanks to the curiosities of us students after the study trip pf April in Slovenia, we found the recipe (very similar to the original) that has conquered our hearts : the yeast ice cream of Ana, Hiša Franko. 
Check it out!



Tearosa Deli, Monza
Is offering a full time position as a cook/chef de partie for their 100% natural, plant-based and nutritious cuisine. Deadline 20/05.

Grani madre, Bergamo
If sourdough, antique grains and a wood oven is all you can think about to be happy, then you met your match with this offer as a baker.  Deadline 26/05.

Anna Tasca Lanza, Villalunga (Sicily)
They are looking for a passionate, experienced chef with a curiosity of cultural traditions and how these can be expressed through food. Deadline 31/05.

Barolo Land, Barolo
A 6 months internship as sales & tasting assistant in their shop in Barolo, Deadline 01/06.

Amber Bewick, Viola Giorgione, Lukas Küblböck, Dana Tal, Camilla Bondioli, Nikola Gruev, Marta Manicone, Asya Argentieri, Elena Terzano