Nr. 23 January '18


2018 already, wow. We hope you're having a nice holiday time with your friends and loved ones, and make sure to write down a new years resolution list, helps to keep your goals on track. We've put together a list of sports / physical activities available in the surroundings of Bra (we all know how we feel after all the Christmas and holiday feasts!). Also, check out the Assg activities planned for the month!
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It’s not a common Christmas at UniSG. Our university is a melting pot of different origins and here’s an example of how one of our students spent the holidays.
“I got the gift of sharing lunch with Mr. Carlo Petrini for Christmas and for once he broke the character of being the president of Slow Food to being a friend. We got the chance to enjoy some fine wines and some world class Italian cuisine. He told us how he is hoping that we can work hard and focus in both our education and building our communities with our young ideas. It was an honor to share these memories with such an influential person. I like to think of it as the Christmas miracle!” These are the words of student Ancent, who had the pleasure to enjoy Bra when most of the students are away.
The strength of our university is to create a community every day of the year.  There’s no better moment than Christmas to share ideas and values for those who decided to spend the holidays in Bra. It would be nice to tell the stories, the travels and experiences of all the different parts of the world because one of the biggest values of this university is its diversity.
Diversity is something that benefits us all. Diversity is about critical thinking and exploring new perspectives and ways of acting. We can only learn from Carlo Petrini in ways of how to share positive moments with others and how to open our ideas in every moment.



First comes the food film club. Even if you have binged-watched your way through the holidays, whether because of the need to avoid the heated politics conversations of your close relatives or because all the new releases on Netflix have never been more enticing, we are telling you: "It's not over";. You will have another chance to grab a bowl of freshly made popcorn, snug in your bed and obliviously spend the night like that. This time though, we encourage you to open your homes(and snack reserves)and share this experience with your university friends. The old cinema nights were never this good.


Second on the list is The Pub quiz. You have seen off the festive season, mildly intoxicated(or tipsy, as the popular description here goes) and as much as you'd like to relieve your stomach and help it to digest all the calories by entering long hibernation, there is one main struggle ahead-the exam session. We can provide some assistance with this, or at least a remedy for the consequences(we hope they are not very dreadful). In February you will have the perfect opportunity to vent off the pent up sorrow/ build up joy and celebrate the passing of this rather busy period. Don't miss out and expect more information soon.



- Blackboard, our new platform
- Microsoft Office 365 for every student
- Modification of Study Trip Regulations
- Scholarship Tasks
- New year’s wishes with documentary        suggestion

Faculty council 20/12- Read it here


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Christmas time is over, which means that all of us (and I do mean EVERYONE) has the inexplicable sensation of feeling a bit heavier around the waistline. Whatever causes this annually recurring sudden appearance of extra mass remains a mystery… Now fear not, dear UniSG students, we made a list of sports activities in and around Bra for those who have sworn to be more active in the new year.
Ready, steady, go:
Volleyball: there is a group of students who organize volleyball matches every week on alternating days. They play at Palasport Polisportiva in Viale Risorgimento 31 near Piazza Giolitti.
Football: there are some smaller fields in Via Montello (the street of Verde Idea after the second roundabout to the left). There is also an ongoing “calcetto” (5 vs 5) championship organized by some students. Unfortunately it’s too late to participate, but feel more than welcome to visit the games and burn some calories by cheering for the teams with all your passion. The championship will probably return after winter break in mid-february.
Tennis: For all the fancy pants who want to play some tennis, the Match Ball Tennis Club in Viale Risorgimento 31 offers indoor and outdoor courts.
Squash: There are 2 places in Bra to play squash (they will provide equipment also). The gym in Strada Crosassa 23 and the gym in Corso IV Novembre.
Climbing: For those who don’t suffer from vertigo, there’s a bouldering hall in Pollenzo (ironically named Vertigo). Located in Strada Crociera Burdina 5.
And of course there are many gyms in Bra, but it’s easier to google them or just walk up to the most buff guy or girl in your class and ask to which one they are going! Now get off your lazy butts and do something for your summer body, dammit!



Cowspiracy, an inconvenient truth
Not a simple documentary but an audacious, poignant and funny movie. It talks about different problems linked to the overweight of the people, the money behind the organizations, and how the mind of us could be awful. 
It shows what nobody shows. A different point of view, a true cowspiracy against everybody who wants to change a little piece of our magnificent world. 
If you like to see how the real job world is, I suggest you to see it, and to critic it first as a person and second as a gastronome. Enjoy guys! 


The Perfect Meal: The Multisensory Science of Food and Dining
In the last few years the culinary world and restaurants in primarily going throw a change. Chefs are realizing that a delicious dish is not enough anymore, focusing more and more on the science aspect of the eating experience. They try to understand how the diner uses senses to interact with and appreciate food.  The Perfect Meal examines all of the elements that contribute to the diner’s experience of a meal and investigate how each of the diner’s senses contributes to their overall multisensory experience. The principal focus of the book is not on flavor perception, but on all of the non-food and beverage factors that have been shown to influence the diner’s overall experience.


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Calling herself THE RELUCTANT VEGETARIAN, Anna Barnett is a blogger, contributor to Vogue and Grazia, and author of cookery book "Eat the Week". She posts envy-inducing photos of homey dishes.


Tanzania changes the rules for African cacao:
Chocolate makers are always looks for the next adventure. This time it came from a place they would never imagine. Read here

Manitoba's last Trappist cheese-making monk and his student: Chef Dustin Peltier from Canada went to look for the cheese maker behind the cheese he is using. He found a smiley 82 years old monk that had been making cheese for over 60 years. Read more

Better dead then GM-fed? 
Although 14.5M people are dangerously hungry, South-Africans  countries as Zambia refuse to recieve GM food aid from the US. Thoughts?



PEPPARKAKOR The making of Pepparkakor has a special place in every Scandinvian’s heart. Many have their own recipes, inherited for generations. The majority of the Pepparkakor consumed today have, however, been manufactured industrially. But the high demand for ready made dough shows the symbolic importance of sitting down with your family, a rolling pin, flour and dough to prepare infinite amount of Pepparkakor for Saint Lucy’s Day - a kind Christmas pregame - and Christmas. Many parents remember this moment in their own childhood with extreme joy, and even though modernity has it that people are not making their own dough anymore, the convivial parts of this tradition seem to linger still. 
It’s important to remember that Pepparkakor is not only used for eating: from the month of December, colored and decorated big-sized cookies are hung in windows all around Sweden. Give it a try! 



Champagne socialist, an eclectic natural wine&bar in Milano, is looking for a natural wine enthusiast to join their band of Autarchic artisans #winetonightrevolutiontomorrow

Ikea Food is looking for an intern to develop a strategic food revolution in their stores by creating new, healthier menus for their employees… and not only!

We know that someone out there is just obsessed with beer, would pair it with anything and just loves all of its shades! Yes, you are perfect for the new job offer by Birrificio Trunasse.

Are you interested in Italian culture, organic farming and environmental responsability? Associazione Castello di Spannocchia is immediately searching for an Education Director in their agritourism and educational centre in Tuscany.

Amber Bewick, Viola Giorgione, Lukas Küblböck, Marta Manicone, Asya Argentieri, 
Elena Terzano, Nikola Gruev, Dana Tal, Philip Linander, Student representatives