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Welcome Spring! As the warm weather approaches Piedmont, also the markets will be full of new vegetables and fruits to choose from. Scroll down to see what to do this month, support Alumni crowdfunding and follow our Instagram foodie finds!
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UNISG grads dig Dutch for the future

Five UNISG alumni have teamed up to re-energise De Stadsgroenteboer Community Supported Agriculture, a smallholding located just outside the Dutch city of Amsterdam.
In between prepping the land to plant dozens of varieties of vegetables, herbs and even fruits, they have found time to run a successful but ongoing crowd funding campaign.
Measuring 4,000 sq metre, the small-holder De Stadsgroenteboer was taken over in December, 2018 and is now being planted with tasty, healthy produce for 70 members who sign up for a season of weekly vegetable boxes, to be collected at the farm or delivered to their homes.
Here, they talk with us about their journey, hopes and expectations!


Soil, sun and soul:
the collective memory of a label

 Our last study trip to Provence has been a full immersion into wine. Let me share with you a collective memory of a label and let's see together how it can tell a story and evoke a taste. You will find that the wine, the natural elements that shaped it and, at last, ourselves are all connected: to become one you just need to drink it. Read our story here!

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Happy food  
by N. Ekstedt & H. Ennart


Niklas Ekstedt and Henrik Ennart spent most of their lives trying to understand how food affects us: however, only recently they realized that a big piece was missing. Everybody was only thinking about how food is mechanically causing reactions in our body without taking into account that it has a huge role in maintaining our mental health. It’s amazing to understand how everything is related inside our body and how much we need variety to work at our best: from nutrition to microflora, food affects all of our organs, including the brain. In the last 50 years industries created a global mono-diet composed only of a few varieties of ingredients, and that is why we are witnessing an exponential increase in the number of people affected by food-related body and mental illnesses. But, as a positive consequence, we are inquiring more and more on the types of food that can have a positive impact on ourselves. Through this book, the authors create a guideline to build awareness on how important food is to maintain balance, using a scientific and conscious approach. Providing 38 recipes carefully selected, they give readers the directions to find the most suitable diet for them in order to preserve body and mental health.



Arianna Garella

Program, year: Triennale, 2011 - 2014
Current occupation: Culinary instructor

A summer spent living in the Italian Alps introduced Arianna to butchery, cheesemaking, and farming, and in 2011 she found herself packing up and moving to Italy to attend UNISG. After nearly four years in Italy, Arianna is now back in Seattle, currently teaching classes for both adults and kids at The Pantry, a community kitchen based in Seattle, Washington.
Read her interview here!


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Today we suggest you this food blogger, an Italian girl studying in the UK and sharing how to eat healthy food in such a different country as England. Go follow her!

It's not just food... it's good food, first of all. Secondly, it's slow food, carefully selected and prepared with love and passion. Because food is the first and real medicine,it's fuel for the body and soul. It's not just about food, it's about art, travel, photography and more...


Laila Said @worldonyourpalate is a UniSG Master Alumni.
Right after her experience in Italy, she worked in Mexico (her home country) where she collaborated in hosting gastronomic tours which aimed to showcase the unknown richness in the new gastronomic identity which is developing in the city of Baja, as well as the diversity and high quality of the local ingredients.
Right now she lives in New York City, working at @prior (a project founded by David Prior, UniSG Alumni who you can meet on April 4th at TA) creating bespoke travel itineraries with an emphasis on typical and regional cuisines, trying to connect travellers with artisans and producers on the ground, empowering local communities and craftmanship.

Want to your see your account mentioned here or one you think more people should hear about? Then email us with your suggestions here!

Hi, I’m Alyson from the MFCC&M course. Like everyone here, I’m seriously into my food but it’s restaurants that get my attention when it comes to Instagram. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I’m well on my way to capturing a thousand meals. For me, it’s all about the art of food plating and I try my best to photograph the beauty of every dish and showcase the skills that go into making it. Snapping photos of food from London to Pollenzo, expect to see everything from my favourite sandwich shop to a handful of Michelin Star restaurants and everyone in between, with the occasional glass of vino thrown in for good measure too of course.
So, join me on my adventures in pursuit of culinary perfection!



Food non-fiction
Have you ever wondered about the story behind some of your favourite food and drink products? Ever picked up a bottle of kombucha and thought “who on earth would have thought to brew a pot of sweet tea, leave it to ferment and then think to drink it?”

Well now you can find out the answer to many of these questions by taking a listen to the Food Non-Fiction podcast. Hosted by two self-claimed “foodbuffs”, Lilian Yang and Fakhri Shafai, this duo delve into the history of many of the most well-known food and drink brands from around the globe. There is something for everyone, whether you want to understand what exactly is meant by craft beer, hear about the very first origins of Nutella, or if you want to listen to interviews with some of the most influential names from the world of food and drink. And if the world is not enough for you, then there is a special episode with astronaut Chris Hadfield who lifts the lid on eating and cooking food in space. Find it on Itunes, Soundcloud, Spotify, and on all other podcast-apps!



Chocolate Truffles

These truffles are so good, great as a snack or for a sweet tooth craving, they are super healthy and so easy to make! Give them a try. Click HERE for the recipe.


Hello everyone! We are Unisg LGBT community and today we want to present you these articles about food related to queer people thanks to Jarry Mag. More than just a magazine, Jarry brings together a community of queer chefs, eaters, makers, writers, photographers, artists, and industry influencers to celebrate its accomplishments and deepen its conversations.
But in general, we are glad to have created this amazing group of people, ready to be open and share with people near and far from this community the experiences and the different points of view of our Unisg mates.
Contact us at:

"Microplastic pollution has been found in some of Britain’s most iconic and remote rivers and lakes […] The new research looked at ten sites - including lakes in the Lake District, waterways in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, and a wetland as well as the Welsh reservoir - and found microplastics in all of them.
Dr Christian Dunn, of Bangor University, led the research and confirmed the findings suggest that microplastics should now be considered as an emergent contaminant - and that routine monitoring of all UK waters must now take place." This is the introduction of ECOLOGIST interesting article about microplastics in Britain.



Caffè Elena, Torino  
Caffè Elena is the symbol of the 19th century in Turin, a central place for thinkers as Cesare Pavese and Nietzsche. They are currently looking for a sous chef and a bartender, mostly for dinner shifts. Check it out! Deadline 30/04

Aina Kauai, Hawuaii
Aina Kauai is a new restaurant that tries hard to give a new essence to food and to consumers too. They are looking for a sous chef with a lot of passion in cooking. Check it out! Deadline 15/04

Ampeleia, Roccatederighi
Ampeleia is an agricultural reality open to young people: they care about being sustainable and using new technologies in farming practices. Interested? A position as commercial manager is waiting for you! Deadline 30/04

Callmewine, Italia
This company is really into wine and loves telling about it: currently it is looking for somebody that likes to write and wants to describe in the best way the wine world . Deadline 30/04

Amber Bewick, Viola Giorgione, Asya Argentieri, Susanna Danieli, Elena Terzano,
Alyson Parkes, Bruce McMichael, Carly Dela Cruz, Vittoria Rapone, Alessia Colaianni.