Nr. 36 May '19

Hello May!

Welcome back from the holidays! We hope Easter treated you well. May will be a month full of events, on campus and off. Lots of visiting chefs and also students will be cooking at Tavole. Check out all the sections we’ve put together and we hope you enjoy!
-Unisg table Team-

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“Marine ecosystems and human society are intimately connected.
Even when we’re not eating fish, the chances are we’re somehow benefiting from
one of the sea’s many gifts. Yet often, in exchange for the tangible and intangible
goods that the sea gives us, we give nothing in return."

Slow Fish 2019 is almost here, happening from the 9th to the 12th of May at the Porto Antico of Genoa. The Slow Food Condotta of the University of Gastronomic Sciences is ready to present you all the activities they've planned for this 9th edition. We'll have conferences about the relationship between fishing and climate change, how plastic is drastically influencing the ecosystems and what a consumer can do to improve his everyday habits. At our stand you can learn everything about Ceviche and how to be aware of fish fraud, you can meet the guys from Fridays For Future Genova and enjoy every evening a lovely aperitivo learning the story and the work of amazing producers.
You can find out about the products of Ark of Taste in Liguria, explore the Slow Fish's market with our guided Personal Shopper, or discover the hidden roads of Genoa thanks to our Walk and Eat.
Finally, you have the chance to join our huge Eat-In on Sunday, bringing a dish to celebrate Slow Fish all together. Here's the link to all our activities, with date-time-description:
Luckly we are in a period in which we hear a lot of talking about the sea, climate change, sustainable fishing, but we also don't have so much time to change our behaviour and help the oceans.
Come to Slow Fish to learn, meet, discuss, share. It's a great occasion and you'll never forget it!


Communication from Student representatives are now updated on their page, check it out!
They have organised UNISG SPORTS DAY on May 25th!
Departure of running race and cycling (not race) from Movicentro at 10am. Tournaments start at 11am in Uni. There will be: volleyball, football, basketball, frisbee, ping-pong, dancing, yoga, boardgames.
Refill yourself with a Lunch EAT-IN at 1pm and then rope pulling contest + afternoon tournaments from 5-6pm.
IMPORTANT!! They are asking everyone to bring a dish and in exchange you will receive the new UNISG water bottle! Check your emails, the doodle will be out soon :)


Reinventing German Cuisine At Tavole Accademiche

Think you know German food? Well think again! Third year Bachelor students Elisabeth Wittich (Lisa) and Sofia Elisabeth Berlinghof (Eli) are the 1st group of UNISG taking control of the kitchens at Tavole Accademiche this year and have created a fabulous menu designed around food from their home country, Germany and in particular from the least known cuisine of the North.
We’re trying to go along with the beautiful simplicity of German food, we’ll just try to refine it a bit, make it more pretty, delicious and fun” -they said.
We caught up with them to learn more! Read their interview!



On the serendipity of tasting notes
Believe it or not, the story you are about to read is true from start to finish. So, given my experience, I would like to give an advice: next time you have some wine, take your notes. You never know where they can carry you.
Read Susi story here!



Street food

Street Food.jpg

Who doesn’t like a well produced food tv show, that puts dishes and their creators in the center of attention, while spoiling our eyes with beautiful imagery of mouthwatering plates.
No show does this better than Netflix’s “Chef’s Table”, but after over 30 episodes of showcasing the world’s most renowned and innovative chefs, some might think it’s time for something new.
So did also the shows creators and decided to go into a slightly different direction: away from fancy restaurants and out on the streets. “Street Food” is the new series by “Chef’s Table” producers David Gelb and Brian McGinn, focusing on the more authentic and “wild” side of local cuisine.It’s a great mix of amazingly put-in-scene images of the cooking process, the traditional history of the dish and most importantly the story of the cooks. Because it is them, who assemble it so masterfully after so many years of preparing it day in, day out.
The first season is set in Asia and leads us to Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore and the Philippines. Out now on Netflix! If we made you curious, check out the trailer!


When something is made with love, it gains an extra touch. That has to be true, just look how perfect and aesthetic are the breakfasts that Michael Zee prepares for his other half. This profile was born on a normal day, when Michael realized that the symmetry in the plates over the table... from an ordinary act of love to an Instagram phenomenon which led to a colorful book with all their recipes.

Want to your see your account mentioned here or one you think more people should hear about? Then email us with your suggestions here!

Hi, I’m Bianca and I am a third year undergraduate. Cooking is my personal way to relax my mind and I also find it artistic. I decided to open a gastronomic profile on Instagram to show both the food I cook and the food that inspires me. If you get to know me, you'll probably taste my focaccia - one of my favorite dishes to make. In fact I’m also really passionate about fermented food, and literally in love with my jar of sourdough.



Let’s Rethink Food
Many of you probably have heard about the now-controversial EAT Lancet Commission’s‘Planetary Health Report but if you haven’t, it made headlines around the world recently offering a review of what its research said constitutes a healthy diet from a sustainable food system and which actions can support and speed up food system transformation.
So now, guess what? The commission has launched an interesting series of podcasts with episodes covering topics such as Safeguarding Earth with Food, and Making Leaders Act on Food. The idea is to translate the findings of the report into everyday action by having engaging conversations with scientists or entrepreneurs from the food world. As we know, a transformation of the global food system is needed and this is exactly what the podcast is talking about!
Let’s Rethink Food can be found online or in Apple Podcasts; give it a listen ☺



Strawberry cake

Strawberries are the first juicy summer berries to land on our tables and punnets of the delicious, locally grown fruit will soon be available at markets in Bra and from the roadside trucks outside Pollenzo. Here’s a delicious recipe to let your imagination fly and enjoy during breakfast or over a lazy afternoon, and to give you energy for these last few months of university before the summer holidays, oh, and all those exams! Here’s the recipe.


National Geographic posted this map showing the areas of deforestation. Last year, 30 million acres of forests were lost around the world. Forests not only are natural habitats to animals, but are also critical to fight climate change. The main reason for deforestation is for grazing animals and soy production (both for livestock production). Read more about it here.

Between the 23rd and 26th of May, each EU member state will participate in the 2019 Parliament elections. So, get out there and vote!! Inform yourself on which party to vote and the ones focusing on policies such as reducing the gas emissions and plastic use, better agriculture practices and animal welfare. You can take a basic quiz on this website, but in any case look up and do some reaserching before the polls.



CAREER FAIR 2019: May 22nd-24th
How can we condense all of ourselves on a CV page? Really, only half for cover letters?
Are you having nightmares about job interviews?  
Challenge yourself in these three days. Once you start, everything looks easier!

A great opportunity for all students, not only for the chosen ones who will found an intership/job at the end of the weekend but for everyone else to practice with CVs, Cover letters and Interviews. 
Dear Alumni, we know you will be there too and we can't wait to meet you (and to get 100 suggestions on how to make the next step!)
Some deadlines for you all:
Job/internship application: May 2nd - 6:00am
Workshops and closed number events: May 17th at 12.00 am
Click on the image below to access to your account and Download the program!

Amber Bewick, Viola Giorgione, Alessia Colaianni, Sonja Steffens,
Susanna Danieli, Bruce McMichael, Lukas Kublbock.