Quante cose può fare un orto, anche sul balcone di casa.
Vedere un bimbo che pianta un seme per la prima volta e ne segue la crescita, fino a mangiare cosa produce…non ha pari per valore educativo e forma nuovi uomini e donne, è scuola di civiltà, ci insegna a stare al mondo un po’ meglio.
-Carlo Petrini-


Unisg gardens is a project started in 2012 at the University of Gastronomic Sciences (Pollenzo).
In 2017 Alex Taran, the alumni who is currently taking care of the project, was asked to start managing the garden. To improve the output and organization, he tried to have a grassroots approach.
The aim is to create a community, where students can interact and find a connection between what they learn in their courses and what they can do practically to feed the world.

During the years, different groups of volunteers have been developing micro-projects regarding bees, flowers, chickens and medicinal plants. The garden has therefore grown a lot and Alex has been able to share the responsibility with other people to supervise efficiently what was going on. Finally this year they got their first sponsor!
The near-future aim is to increase the productivity and the participation of students: so, get in touch with Alex and the team, there is plenty of space for you to get your hands dirty!

They grow everything that is seasonal and may be used at Tavole Accademiche, providing lots of the veggies you can find on your plate at lunch!.
There is also a new, great project in collaboration with Local! Even though they stopped to sell veggies for the moment (maybe in July or August they will start to furnish their kitchen), they are currently developing a KIT RECIPE.. stay tuned!

Who are them and how can you get in contact?
Currently they are 20 scholarship holders, plus lots of volunteers. Contact them on Facebook, Instagram, catch them at Tavole Accademiche and around the University.

Get in contact with nature, join their great community and don’t forget to thank them for their work!

Follow them!!

Follow them!!

We have also done a little survey about the relationship between the students of the university and UniSG gardens. Here you can find some datas related to this research.

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Identify in a veggie


The first words they thought about gardening



by Pelle Bengtsberg

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How to create From nothing


During a Fridays for Future strike, my fellow student Yain held a speech that was genius to my ears! She spoke about her garden and how beautiful it seemed to her, how blossoming, vibrant and full of life it appeared to be.
Then Yain told us she came to the realisation that her garden was blossoming because it was dying. It appears very basic when you understand that an ecosystem under hard pressure will do everything it can to reproduce, flowers will blossom and plants will sprout.
And here comes the genius part: She said that we have to be like those flowers. We have to admit that we are under extreme pressure, let's be honest maybe we are dying? And therefore we have to bloom! We have to create, discuss, share, care and give evidence! By accepting that we are dying we can react against it.
This was during the first Fridays for Future we organized in Bra, it felt important to show to the world and even more to ourselves that, as students at the University of Gastronomic Science, we care! And that we are aware of the current state of emergency.
That feeling of importance soon relented - however, the climate crisis did not. We were a group of people who came together because we wanted to see the same involvement and exchange we saw during Fridays for Future to be implemented in our every day life. We started to formulate a think-and-do tank.
Greta Lab can become a space for us to blossom in, embedded in the university as a student organization, just like the already existing ASSG.
Greta Lab will be a platform for us to create, discuss, share, care and give evidence.
It will be be a reminder that we are dying, but, at the same time, a platform for us to work against this and to promote a common environmental health instead.
Greta Lab is nothing for now, a frame that can be filled by all of the students who feel like they need to do something about the climate breakdown, just as we do.
But even though the LAB’s current state is nothing, it is here! By existing it is doing its job, all together we can gather to act like the flowers. And from now on, only the future knows what it will develop into. Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is not faced.



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