Student’s study trips

Without any doubt, study trips are the most awaited times for us Unisg students! Could we extend the feeling, satisfy our thirst for meeting producers throughout the whole year?
Here we will post some official and un-official events and projects, organized and led by students throughout the year. A means to know more about the surrounding area and people.
Yes, this could be a great occasion to meet new friends!

Niko’s Project

Second-year student Nikolin is trying to keep the curiosity alive with his ambitious project! He has a great passion for wines and wants to share it with all of us. What is to come?
A cheerful visit to the Dogliani DOCG.
The opportunity to have a direct contact with wine producers of the Piedmont region, who will share their experience and help you understand the importance of staying connected to the land.
If you are not convinced yet, several tastings will be included in order to have “a sip and a bite” of what the terroir can give.
What to expect? A day of listening, learning and sipping!

Stay tuned for future opportunities.