Il cibo delle coccole



Well, that's how I start all my videos, but today I'd like to tell you a little bit more about my digital project. I'm Benedetta, an Italian girl living in Zurich, and I love food in all its shapes (recipes, tastings, food travels, food cultures, food sustainability, food sovereignty, food pleasure, and so on). I did a master at UniSG in 2015 and since then food is even more important for me: what I'm trying to do is finding a way to give food the right role in my life.

For me food has always been like a cuddle, like those my lovely grandmother Maria (Nonna Mari) used to give me, by hugging me or by feeding me with genuine Italian cuisine. And this is why I decided to name my channel "Il Cibo delle Coccole" (The Food of Cuddles): 'Cause Food is like a Cuddle!

If at the beginning (almost 10 years ago) I opened my channel mostly to find a way to stay connected with my granny, after her death, today this channel is like a life challenge for me. So, after a long break of almost a year, during which I moved to Switzerland and started a new life here, I decided to take control again of this platform, giving it a new shape. Now all my videos are in English and I know what my channel should talk about: ITALIAN FOOD CULTURE.

When I was at UniSG I had the chance to open my mind and embrace all the other food cultures. I realised I was quite a food taliban (as my classmates and I defined those people who have a narrow mind when it comes to traditional recipes); at the end, AUTHENTICITY in the local cuisines is something subjective and always changing, like culture itself.

Said so, my plan is to explain foreigners from all over the world about Italian Food, giving them the reasons why a dish is cooked in a way rather than in another (when this is possible) or why a specific product is so important for us. I want to "teach" them Italian traditional recipes with humility and conscience, giving them 5-6 minutes of positive vibes through my videos.

If you want to discover more, or if you're simply curious to know more about some traditional Italian recipes, then feel free to visit my Youtube channel "Benedetta - Il Cibo delle Coccole" at the following link


Uno degli aspetti del mio canale è quello di diffondere alcune delle ricette della mia terra (Reggio Emilia) e di tutta Italia. Sappiamo bene però quanto l'autenticità in cucina cambi di famiglia in famiglia, cosa che però non viene molto considerata all'estero così come anche da molti italiani.
Premesso ciò, vorrei proporre sempre più ricette che tocchino ogni regione, provincia e città d'Italia.
A dicembre proverò con alcune ricette di famiglia arrivate da amici della Puglia e della Basilicata, ma la nostra penisola ha un'enorme biodiversità culinaria. Io ho diverse ricette che la mia cara nonna mi ha lasciato, ma vorrei creare questo mini progetto video proprio dai tesori che, son certa, tutti noi abbiamo ereditato dalle nostre nonne e mamme: le ricette di famiglia!

Quindi, se avete voglia di condividere con me, e dunque in formato video, uno o due piatti tipici della vostra terra, sarò felice di leggere le vostre proposte (ingredienti, procedimento e, se volete, aneddoti curiosi) all'interno di una mail che potete inviare a